@Curator Hi! I saw your post about the and figured I'd try my luck! ✌️ I'm Simon (aka Arty), a 29 y/o trans artist from Austria who draws mostly these weird tank-headed people since about 2015. When I'm not drawing, I play video games or try to develop my own. I'm your local tank enthusiast, have been to a bunch of tank museums all over Europe in the past and plan to see more as soon as possible! ✨

@arty I was just looking through your profile! I saw "I draw people with tank heads" and started scrolling through and I was like "...yup, accurate' 😂 It's not something I've encountered before but it's very cool!!


@Curator heheh! I'm glad you like them! Sometimes I feel a bit like an outcast with my subject and reactions aren't always positive, but the object heads community and MastodonART have been very kind and accepting of my art.

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>object heads community

There's a subculture of people that draw (look at) people with objects instead of their head?
What motivates you to draw such images (if you don't mind telling) would interest me. (I think I asked that a long time ago, but I can't remember)


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