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here’s a first look at my second Visual Novel…. or more specifically, one of the characters. The main character, even… This will most likely be a graphic for the game.

It’s still in super early development so don’t expect anything soon…

meatgrinder art.... well, not literally. just a drawing of a naked tank people and his girlfriend

terrible man, bastard boi. And traditional art is hard, but that's how you gotta roll when you don't have access to your tablet.

traditional art is hard. I have the fine motor skills of a three year old and no art supplies except for a ten year old watercolor box. the copy paper really didn't take it well.

I've updated my free Visual Novel "WHITE MONDAY" to version 1.3, which introduces an Extras gallery. If you haven't checked it out already, why not take a look?

I can't believe I'm the only person on mastodon posting art :lies_down:

finally made a ref for this guy, too bad I didn't even properly show off his tattoos like I intended.

based on a certain screenshot from a certain movie. WoT players will understand 😂

not enough energy for elaborate drawings, so just some random practice.

not the hero they deserve, but the hero they need

work is killing my energy.

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