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finally made a ref for this guy, too bad I didn't even properly show off his tattoos like I intended.

based on a certain screenshot from a certain movie. WoT players will understand 😂

not enough energy for elaborate drawings, so just some random practice.

not the hero they deserve, but the hero they need

work is killing my energy.

@sienna I love your art! randomly found your profile because this instance's curator featured it. absolutely adore the way you colour, and how you draw eyes and faces. keep up the good work.

when your idiot brothers think they can get away with gifting you vodka for New Year

It wasn’t such a productive year, had a lot of dumb stuff going on, especially during summer. Let’s hope 2019 will be filled with more art than 2018 was.

this was an experiment with paintschainer. not really useful for any serious art but it's fun to play around with. (hidden for mild nudity)

It’s almost 4am but I will try to finish this later once I had some sleep.

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