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Do not interact if you support NFT 😑

my friend asked me if this OC is a goth when she saw the previous sketch. so I said "he is now".

@Curator Hi! I saw your post about the and figured I'd try my luck! ✌️ I'm Simon (aka Arty), a 29 y/o trans artist from Austria who draws mostly these weird tank-headed people since about 2015. When I'm not drawing, I play video games or try to develop my own. I'm your local tank enthusiast, have been to a bunch of tank museums all over Europe in the past and plan to see more as soon as possible! ✨

not my greatest piece but I wanted to do some art for part 4 of the saga

I keep forgetting to caption my images, that's a bad habit I wanna get rid of in 2021!

that said, can anyone help me out? I usually struggle to describe my art in a way that makes sense to someone not familiar with its concepts- how would YOU describe the attached image, for example? (or how would you improve the description I added?)

took a christmas sweater selfie with my camera, it turned out unintentionally ominous 👀

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