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Die my bride....

(hidden for blood and death... Hopefully. I'm confused by the app interface... )

what happened to Roswell in Phase 4? After spending some time in prison for war crimes he was released and became part of what would soon be the Council Guard.

one last part after this.... (hidden for blood and implied gore)

Kryvasorony, leader of the Manhattan council. Phase 3 tankhead. Set New York City on fire. Hates humans. Turned Trenton into a death prison city. Sentenced Raleigh to death.

....and then Voryvia became too fond of the humans, so his peers decided to make a human out of him.....

(hidden for blood and naked male torso)

So I'm kinda mad because I never knew that there's a much faster way to do flat colours in SAI 2. I wondered if I'm the only one who didn't know, so I made a quick tutorial.

Make art much faster!

link to the image in case mastodon makes it too small to read:

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