I feel like some kind of monster, mixing brands like this, but it works.

ukpol, Brexit, Christmas 

OK, gift certificates are made, I guess I gotta update my website to reflect this.

calendar, religion 

calendar, religion 

food, foraging 

Decided to walk in the forest after all, booger is probably too scared of me to follow me, and tree frens will make me feel better.

Good decision.

It's raining and I don't want to go for my walk so I drew this instead.

I think I have a lot to learn before I can do actual illuminated lettering and calligraphy and stuff.


testing duplicate toot/tweet cross-posting from Twidere with "selective tweets" FB hashtag 

drought, fire 

testing image accessibility 

Pretty yellow flaars from my walk yesterday. They aren't dandelions, the stems are dark red and sortof scaly and dandelion stems are green and straight, but I guess maybe related?

Right. Let's do this.
[image: a notebook open on a café table, with ruler, pencil and stave-drawing tool on it]

Sometimes a diagram is the easiest way. [Image: note names laid out horizontally across two pages, with coloured marks to show where the harmonic series is for various notes]

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