Over on Dreamwidth, Siderea is hosting an amazing this-day-in-1918 recap of news coverage of the 1918 influenza epidemic.

CW for death, illness, and one photo of a modern-day needle. Scroll to the bottom to get to the start.

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Should've said, it's Boston-area news coverage, a worldwide news coverage project would be ridiculous. But still really interesting even for someone like me who has never set foot in Boston.

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@artsyhonker My hometown paper, which remarkably is still independent and still under original ownership after 175 years, has been printing pages from "this day 100 years ago" in the paper since 2014 to commemorate WW1.

Most papers would not be able to do this, but they still have the archives from day one because they've never been bought out by a newspaper conglomerate.

@artsyhonker They have even been in the same building, a three-storey shop a few doors down from the town hall, since Victoria was on the throne.

I remember them being the first business in town to get e-mail and their address was a bunch of numbers

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