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artsyhonker aka Kathryn @artsyhonker

I compose sacred and secular choral music, and put it online under a CC by-SA license so choirs can sing it for free!

Publishers won't touch my work because I won't let them prohibit photocopying, so I need support from people like you.

My Patreon is

I have other options for people who prefer them:

Thank you so much!

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@artsyhonker Gosh. This gets me wondering whether Bill Pollock at No Starch Press might be interested in getting into publishing sheet music. He's certainly published tech books that are under CC, and he's published a children's book about Passover, so it wouldn't be *completely* out of his wheelhouse.

He's very approachable, but if you're shy, I'm happy to ask for you, if you like.

@maradydd Thank you for this; something for me to look into when I've finished the PhD, I think.

I do self-publish at Lulu but as it is not a distributor, really, and also not a sheet music marketplace, usually the only person who buys my stuff is, er, me.

(Also the customer experience at Lulu is pretty bad: buying 2 booklets instead of 1 doubles postage, and this keeps going up to the "bulk discounts" limit.)

@maradydd If you think he would be interested in my work even though I already put it on the Choral Public Domain Library then do please ask him.

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