is a structure for companiable support with getting stuff done -- work or side projects or admin or whatever you find difficult to stick with.

The basic structure is: ten minutes of checking-in and planning at the top of the hour, then 50 minutes of actually doing things, repeated for up to 3 hours.

More on the structure, plus an example:

I expect I'll be using this hashtag a lot, so you may wish to mute it if it's boring to you. I will CW my toots though.

@artsyhonker i would need a timer to stick check-ins to top of the hour. maybe pomodoro timer can fit right in here. it was a technique that helped me being focused the most of everything I tried.

@luka That helps me, but not quite as much as having company.

I guess this is an attempt at combining both.

@artsyhonker This is an interesting idea. A bit too rapid in cycle transitions for me. But I like the almost monastic discipline of it, needing to find a better cron sort of management myself, so shall keep abreast if you please.


@Shufei You're very welcome.

I find some tasks do take me more than one cycle, but then I just use the check-ins to briefly say where I've got to, get some water, and continue.

The idea that there are other people out there who know I've committed to working on X thing helps me hugely in not going down a zillion rabbit holes.

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