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I so do not have time to talk about this in any depth right now but I think success on has way more to do with what you do outside of Patreon than how you configure your rewards.

The steps go:
1) do the work
2) give people a reason to support you in it
3) ensure they know you exist
4) make it easy for them to give you money

Patreon is step 4).

For me step 2) involves putting my work online for free, and step 3) is mostly demo recordings, which I have been v v lax about recently.

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I'm going to be super duper busy with PhD stuff and other deadlines until at least December 2018, and probably pretty exhausted after that and still fairly busy with PhD stuff until August 2019.

This means I may go very quiet on here without warning, and it means I can't realistically take on any new projects, commitments, collaborations and so on.

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I compose sacred and secular choral music, and put it online under a CC by-SA license so choirs can sing it for free!

Publishers won't touch my work because I won't let them prohibit photocopying, so I need support from people like you.

My Patreon is

I have other options for people who prefer them:

Thank you so much!

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is a structure for companiable support with getting stuff done -- work or side projects or admin or whatever you find difficult to stick with.

The basic structure is: ten minutes of checking-in and planning at the top of the hour, then 50 minutes of actually doing things, repeated for up to 3 hours.

More on the structure, plus an example:

I expect I'll be using this hashtag a lot, so you may wish to mute it if it's boring to you. I will CW my toots though.

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Brexit, petition to remain in EU Show more

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First I have to catch a train so I should really stay offline until then or I might get stuck here and miss it.

(I haven't yet missed this long long train, but it's sometimes been a near thing.)

I am going home today and I am so happy. I miss my spouse and housemate and plants and the neighborhood cat who comes to visit and cooking facilities so much.

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Remember the people who put cat pictures in all the advertising space in a Tube station for a week?

They have a couple of one-year job openings in London:

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Depending on how you group them, my product shots could be read as "I'm selling this can of Aldi-brand seltzer, here are some other household objects for scale." 😆

Request from a reader:

Are there good free open alternatives to Google's #recaptcha?

It is very difficult to avoid recaptchas as so many sites seem to rely on them. It would be nice to have alternatives people could suggest to websites.

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Artists who make a living (or part of one) online, how much do you charge for consulting work to other artists on how to do that, what works, what doesn't work etc?

I cannot find a thing I read and keep thinking of.

It was a description of communication styles, regarding saving face vs. being direct, centered around how /not/ to tell your neighbor that his cow is in your yard. I thought it was written by Seanan McGuire. I completely can't find it. Does anyone else know this one?

I want to share something I feel very attached to and that is the firestarter community magazine.

It is a artist magazine focusing on community, events, interviews and learning. It's a very good project and the magazines are made free to be downloaded again. To keep this is the magazine needs much more support and attention.

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