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artsyhonker aka Kathryn

So I've set the min price of my releases on bandcamp to $1.

However, you can get my full discography at a 90% discount, which for the moment would be $1.

This makes it much more convenient to just get & download several albums at once.

All profits are donated to
Trans Women of Color Collective.

Going to Jerusalem on Tuesday morning, back Monday 19th, won't be on social media, I aten't ded, etc.

This is a test of the RSS feed thingy

Nothing much to see here.

I am thinking of maybe a Monday or Thursday evening UK time. I wouldn't be able to host every week though.

Would any other Fediverse musicians be interested in a regular (weekly?) chat about how your work is going? Anyone interested in co-hosting?

NERDS: Wow it sucks that a small amount of people control all the currency and profit off that control unfairly

SOCIALISTS: Hey yeah, see, if we reorganise our economy, we could create a fairer and mor-

NERDS: The solution is magic coins which live in my computer

If I want to work on my German, what are some fun things to read? News, culture, lefty stuff, feminism? I'm past a beginner reading level but also very out of practice

Once again, if you want to give a birthday gift to me, just fill out this survey I wrote. The answers are of genuine use to me and I don't have enough of them yet. Shares encouraged.

One thing I don't understand is people complaining about graffiti on trains and walls but they couldn't be bothered a bit by ads being everywhere in our daily life actively and literally trying to manipulate everybody's thoughts and actions. But it's legit because that access to your brain is bought with money.

OK, I think this is about being scared of the trip to Jerusalem. That would make sense.

Crumbs I am wobbly this morning. OK, brain, let's take today real slow and easy.

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For the evening crowd again!

If you make stuff and could use access to a workshop to make stuff in, could you please fill out my short survey on what you'd want a workshop to be like? It'll be really helpful to me.

Consider it my birthday gift if you like.

I've now made my album "Retrospective" available on a pay-what-you-want basis.

50 tracks of short #ambient #minimalist pieces.

In fairness, FB is probably worse. But platforms come and go, and things that seem good can turn unhelpful or obstructive later. We've had a few years where we could tell ourselves it was possible to reach "everyone" but that's almost always a falsehood.

Oh the delicious irony of writing an entire rant about how Facebook is killing a creative digital industry because of algorithms and adverts and echo chambers, and then the footer says you can follow the author on, er, Twitter...

Is sending some choir directors and similar types a 'sneak preview' of a piece of mine that is being premièred on 18th Feb a) excellent networking or b) incredibly bad form? I have no idea how the etiquette works, here.

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