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I so do not have time to talk about this in any depth right now but I think success on has way more to do with what you do outside of Patreon than how you configure your rewards.

The steps go:
1) do the work
2) give people a reason to support you in it
3) ensure they know you exist
4) make it easy for them to give you money

Patreon is step 4).

For me step 2) involves putting my work online for free, and step 3) is mostly demo recordings, which I have been v v lax about recently.

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I'm going to be super duper busy with PhD stuff and other deadlines until at least December 2018, and probably pretty exhausted after that and still fairly busy with PhD stuff until August 2019.

This means I may go very quiet on here without warning, and it means I can't realistically take on any new projects, commitments, collaborations and so on.

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I compose sacred and secular choral music, and put it online under a CC by-SA license so choirs can sing it for free!

Publishers won't touch my work because I won't let them prohibit photocopying, so I need support from people like you.

My Patreon is

I have other options for people who prefer them:

Thank you so much!

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is a structure for companiable support with getting stuff done -- work or side projects or admin or whatever you find difficult to stick with.

The basic structure is: ten minutes of checking-in and planning at the top of the hour, then 50 minutes of actually doing things, repeated for up to 3 hours.

More on the structure, plus an example:

I expect I'll be using this hashtag a lot, so you may wish to mute it if it's boring to you. I will CW my toots though.

OK, I think I have set up crossposting from Mastodon to Twitter for the two Mastodon accounts I use the most. Hopefully this will be okay.

I couldn't make things post properly to the Book of Face, though, so I'll have to continue mostly not using it.

Hey, people who listen to independent music, could you answer a poll for me on Patreon?

I wanna see if Bandcamp promo codes matter to people (they don't seem to tbh), or if me sending a direct download link to current patrons/possible future patrons would be preferable before I start prepping 2019 admin duties.

Shares would help! :)

Testing whether unlisted toots turn up in the atom feed.

Info on TWOCC (Trans Women of Color) collective, including community funds

Please boost!

I am about $15 short of my bus fare ticket to get into uni for december, Patreon is currently my only income and I am deep in exam season.

consider supporting me by joining my patreon for cool poetry

My online tip jar is as always on paypal.

(I am two months away from getting my stipend if I pass these exams and the world will be a lot brighter for it)

@artsyhonker looks like it's this recent change:
fairly handy. will probably be part of the next official release.

OK according to one respondent, on the web UI it's possible to follow several hashtags in one column. This would be fairly useful to me, especially if it were widespread behaviour here.

Do any of you who are following me do this?

What are some non-evil social media sites/platforms where people follow hashtags or subjects, not just people?

I get that it's possible to open a Mastodon column for a hashtag, but I don't feel like it actually gets used that way much.

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Went to the yellow and blue flatpack shop to buy shelves and now I am all out of executive function forever

we got shelves though

In doing this you actually give three gifts:

1) to your friend
2) to me
3) to choirs that sing my music for free

OK, want to support my composing but also want to give a friend a gift?

I do gift subscriptions now!

The support levels are the same as direct subscriptions at 

You can purchase a subscription there, and ask me for the gift pack in the "any other comments" box that Paypal gives you. (Do give me your snailmail address, or I won't be able to send it to you.) Then you give the recipient the card I send you, so there's something to unwrap.

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Can't believe there are still people out here not doing image descriptions

If this turns out well I might try some prettier certificates, maybe hand-written or glittery or something. Feels a bit monochrome for me at the moment.

But also, people who sponsor me to compose music presumably want me to compose music, not spend hours on custom hand-lettering that I have to take my splints off for.

Maybe the obvious thing would be cards printed by Moo or whoever. Hmm.

So I guess I'm going for a sort of minimum viable product at the moment.

OK, gift certificates are made, I guess I gotta update my website to reflect this.

Become my patron, support free music & art-making with open source and get exclusive access to a work-in-progress track that I'll be using tonight on the premiere.

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