Finian and Arachne somewhere very far away from home. We are gonna get some bones.


A quickish paint doodle from a Chasers game. Since we met someone whose earthly form was greatly inspired by Quetzalcoatl, I tried my best to make them look nice. And large.

I finally drew our party from Curse of Strahd! In order: Pihlava the totes-not-warlock-but-very-wizard, Kuusanto the punk bard possibly also barbarian also werefirewolf??, Tarvo the blood hunter angry uncle, and Ranka the half-elf cleric of borders and limits.

Finian’s death by beasts. Executed at sunrise, it was all very visceral and dramatic. I feel like all that Berserk reading helped with the drawing!

It's Finian's execution game day! At this point I am almost looking forward to it. A few days ago I got to talk with my GM and I cried and he softened and spoiled me some possible types of outcomes he'd been thinking so I wouldn't worry so much. They're all good even if I die! I've also began making a new character and I'm trying to make them as cool as possible so it would feel more like a new exciting adventure waiting for me beyond death. We'll see.

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amazingly good news; the date for the game has been set! Good/bad news: it's a week from now. I feel like I absolutely do not have enough time to think.
Is Finian going to die?
Should I push for it to happen?
Should I absolutely not push for it but grab onto life with tooth and nail?
I am kind of interested in what will happen when they die since I've made some reeeeally bad deals with their body and soul. I am also terrified to lose a friend and all their social contacts in the group.

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Finian waiting for the dread dawn of their execution day. Having a blast in the brig and whatnot.

Ghhhh I'm working through the potential and very likely death of my dnd character. They plead guilty to killing a local ruler and their execution will take place in the next game. All the others complicit in the killing either lied or were not present or had their testimony voided, and I am feeling somewhat disappointed in my fellow Chasers. The others will be exiled (for other crimes) and I am quite excited, narratively, to be made an example of, but also I am not fine at all.

My nasty duelist Vera from my first ever 7th Sea campaign. I will always always love her. Also loved: painting sheer and draping fabric. cw in picture for knives, bloodied knuckles and a female-presenting breast through a sheer fabric.

Hi! I’m Anayte, I love swords and ink and play a lot of rpgs. I’m in the middle of illustrating the last chapter of Feral Gentry, a fae webcomic about change and loss. In the spaces between I illustrate our dnd adventures!


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