@kasshelfant they were resurrected EVEN THOUGH THEY EXPLICITLY ASKED NOT TO BE, through a mad deal with The Lady of the Woods. Their friends reason it did not count as a rez since they didn’t have time to die before being moved to a new body, a body grown out of a leshen heart. Those sweet children.

@artnaite Now here's a pickle -- if you receive the death penalty and are resurrected... Does the party responsible for your execution recognize that justice (by their standards) has been done?

@kasshelfant the idea is that they will never ever find out. Which will be true, for a while, since all the characters are exiled and have moved north away from the kingdoms of men and Finian hasn’t been seen by anyone. Obviously it will pose a bit of a problem when eventually we get to come back. X’)

(It’s also true that the empress did not actually want to kill Finian, and that Finian did experience death, and that the masses got a good show, so who tf knows what she thinks)

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