My Granada trip takes a brave start by me forgetting my backpack in the ship. This is completely fine, I have now learned to never ever forget it again.

Next quest: Stockholm central railway station and trying to get a bit of breakfast before boarding the correct train to Copenhagen.

I got onto the right train! After 40 minutes of successful travel, the train lost electricity? We stood still for 15 minutes. I had time to think and I’m thinking I maybe should check on Europe’s pornography laws if I’m going to continue drawing smut on trains.

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The train is now slightly over an hour late and will not go all the way to Copenhagen. This is still... fine. I will easily catch that goddamn transfer. I am feeling like the universe is trying to tell me something and wishing it could be a little less vague about it.

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I didn’t have time to go find unpackaged food in Copenhagen, but I bought salad and sushi and a wild banana muffin and made the transfer easily! The lady on the DB train seemed very disappointed on me because I didn’t have a seat reservation. Have moved from drawing smut to drawing Finian being mauled by lions.

I dare hope I could catch the night train yet!

I made it to the night train with time to spare! While transferring in Switzerland I was reminded they’re not in the EU and I got to see cool Swiss money. In Milano (where everything’s big) I went to a cat cafe to wait for the riposo to end and then to a vegan buffet restaurant and Italian vegan places continue to be the best.

I’m now waiting for the plane to Málaga. Soon I’ll see my sister! Can’t wait!

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