Finian and the Chort, soon coming to a dnd table near you. This whole story keeps getting edgier by the minute and I was very excited to draw bad!Finian. Tried out new paper as well!

Finian and Arachne somewhere very far away from home. We are gonna get some bones.


So a while ago I realised I identify as fightsexual ❤️
(there are more pics about these two, I put them in my patreon

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probably among some of the biggest commission work I've done so far, and pretty pleased with how it turned out!

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If you are a traditional artist and a little nerdy or just curious about your paints, then I have something for you:

It's a library of watercolour swatches with pigment information, properties and the results of a lightfastness test. It's still growing and what really excites me: it's turning into a community project.

Latest update: we've added the full range of Mijello Mission Gold to the database.


A quickish paint doodle from a Chasers game. Since we met someone whose earthly form was greatly inspired by Quetzalcoatl, I tried my best to make them look nice. And large.

All of them separately for some messy detail! I think my favourite thing about drawing digitally is how easy it can be to just draw on one layer, erasing the parts you don’t want bit by bit, carving out the goodness. The paper never breaks.

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I finally drew our party from Curse of Strahd! In order: Pihlava the totes-not-warlock-but-very-wizard, Kuusanto the punk bard possibly also barbarian also werefirewolf??, Tarvo the blood hunter angry uncle, and Ranka the half-elf cleric of borders and limits.

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Finian’s death by beasts. Executed at sunrise, it was all very visceral and dramatic. I feel like all that Berserk reading helped with the drawing!

I made it to the night train with time to spare! While transferring in Switzerland I was reminded they’re not in the EU and I got to see cool Swiss money. In Milano (where everything’s big) I went to a cat cafe to wait for the riposo to end and then to a vegan buffet restaurant and Italian vegan places continue to be the best.

I’m now waiting for the plane to Málaga. Soon I’ll see my sister! Can’t wait!

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I didn’t have time to go find unpackaged food in Copenhagen, but I bought salad and sushi and a wild banana muffin and made the transfer easily! The lady on the DB train seemed very disappointed on me because I didn’t have a seat reservation. Have moved from drawing smut to drawing Finian being mauled by lions.

I dare hope I could catch the night train yet!

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The train is now slightly over an hour late and will not go all the way to Copenhagen. This is still... fine. I will easily catch that goddamn transfer. I am feeling like the universe is trying to tell me something and wishing it could be a little less vague about it.

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I got onto the right train! After 40 minutes of successful travel, the train lost electricity? We stood still for 15 minutes. I had time to think and I’m thinking I maybe should check on Europe’s pornography laws if I’m going to continue drawing smut on trains.

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My Granada trip takes a brave start by me forgetting my backpack in the ship. This is completely fine, I have now learned to never ever forget it again.

Next quest: Stockholm central railway station and trying to get a bit of breakfast before boarding the correct train to Copenhagen.

I updated Feral Gentry on Patreon with page 335. There's a MYSTERIOUS TOWER. Here's a preview!

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