Very hyped about the new MacBook Pro yesterday drop by Apple. M1Pro/Max looks amazing (and a massive upgrade to the 2011 MBP I still have kicking on my desk).

Hi Mastodon! The big social media sites are all very bad so now I'm here! Hope you'll have me! I post art and tech art and VR stuff but will sometimes pivot into very political and environmentalist discussion :artshark: I feel like they're all interconnected! I also don't know how this site works so if you got any hot tips let me know? :D

Beh, che dire. 🍂🍁🌰 :molotov:

Una delle magliette che porterò al mercatino questo weekend.

Le riproduzioni sono sempre disponibili su richiesta, così come modelli diversi. :blobmiou:

Che ne dite?

#illustration #handmade #mastoart

Communications tower south of Walker pass. The US west is short of scenic hilltop castles, but it does have mountaintops cluttered with fire lookouts and communications towers, the latter of which struck me as looking like evil wizard towers (I spent some time playing D&D as a teenager).

If I were making a modern day Quixote, he would tilt at wind turbines and invade mountaintop cell towers.

#inktober #inktober2021 #drawing #pct2021 #pct #hiking #pacificcresttrail #art #mastoart

The South end of a Lamborghini traveling North outside of an Italian restaurant. Photograph made with a Sony a7R IV with a Tamron 20mm F2.8 Di III lens.

Discord has replaced forums for interest groups and it boggles the mind bcs the two are not even remotely similar in function or purpose and if you aren't checking it several times a day you miss stuff
A forum you could check once a week and get caught up, and it was great! I hate feeling like I need to check on feeds several times a day or I miss stuff, ugh 😩

This is my latest action figure kit, He-Mangler “Nega-Tor”! He’s cast in a smokey translucent black, with a crimson red sword. 19 snap fit parts and 10 points of movement!
🚨 I’ll be appearing at the Assembly Required Designer Toy Expo in Asheville NC in February!

New figure drop went live and sold in 5 minutes! 😱 I didn’t expect it to go so quick, but I ain’t upset! More figure kits are coming soon, it’s gonna be a wild ride!

Into resin art / toy?
The 3rd installment of CrumbsBlunt's Creative Discussion Talks is up on YouTube! Streamed live to YT last night @ 11pm EST.
— This episode's main topic: Is it a Toy or Art? Both? Neither?
Featuring (IG handles): @crumbsblunt, @neostalgia_toys (me),, @kerf_loss, @trashjoystudios, and @deathandstrawberries
NOTE: If you're interested in joining the roster of artists / fans, DM Crumbs either through his YT or IG accounts.

Little preview shot of the re-arranged setup for my Twitch toy-making channel. Feeling better about this one. Guess I’ll soon find out if it’s too cluttered to actually get work done! 😂😅

Spent most of today figuring out to CSS my way around a custom page for my Storenvy account. So much save + refresh! 😅
Finally got my panel tiles uploaded, and they're responsive to different sized browser windows. Success!!

Latest progress on my Anti-Eternia He-Man homage figure. The body is done, need to finish molding the new original parts, a head sculpt, sword w detachable blade, and gotta make the kitbash chest armor piece. Closer but still a bit of work to do.

Apparently some more clarification is needed here. I don't even mean to bash on Bitcoin. As I've said in this thread and many times before: it's an amazing and successful technology. By all means, go ahead and use it for whatever you like! It's great.

But please, just don't pretend and keep pushing it as the revolution that will be replacing our entire finance system. It just won't.

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"Telling a programmer there's already a library to do X is like telling a songwriter there's already a song about love"

-- Pete Cordell

Looking at to expand streaming options. Have you used it? What's your experience using it to multicast?

I’ll be live on Twitch in less than an hour! Mold making process stuff. Come hang out!

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