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I want to share my feelings with others! This show is so good, I don't want others to miss out. PLEASE watch it and give it a chance! I want more seasons, and what's more, I hope they make more series like this one! This is GOOD TELEVISION.

Thanks for readin! ✊🏻

I am visiting Japan in February & lets just say that I am going to have a fever that only Thunderbolt Fantasy can cure! There's a museum exhibit that me & my friends are hoping to see!

There are so many satisfying details, so much nuance to the characters' interactions, so much sweet action, a plot w infinite possibility, new characters to fall in love with rolling in with each new season - it's not possible for me to gush harder about this show.

This show has just gotten BETTER each time I have rewatched it. It has a frenetic pace & it's easy to miss things on the first watch, but that makes it all the more rewarding to watch again. I've watched it about 3 times now & I'm ALWAYS WILLING TO DO IT AGAIN.

I personally LOVE puppets & I think this is a perfect story for puppets. The lavish costumes are possible because there's no need to animate them like an anime, & there are so many practical effects that are CRAZY good. The way they do blood splashes is amazing.

Puppets are not everyones' thing, but please PLEASE PLEASE give it a chance! If you give yourself time, you can learn to start interpreting the puppets' "language." It's more like dancing where the characters express themselves with movement instead of expressions.

It's fucking gay! There are the naysayers out there, but when you have the puppeteers literally having the puppets lay in each others' laps and such, I will broach no argument. It's gay with BOTH male & female characters.

COOL BATTLE SCENES with lots of emotional weight. I'm always on the edge of my seat at this point because I know EACH BATTLE IS IMPORTANT & will defy my expectations! Characters die but they also triumph sometimes even in death! It's so emotionally fulfilling!

The music is SO FUCKING GOOD. The battles/action/choreography are incredible, buoyed up by the score, which is simply ASTOUNDING. Here's a good track to give you a taste!

MAGICAL WEAPONS THAT AREN'T JUST MCGUFFINS. The cursed weapons in this show are skillfully interwoven with the plot & the motivations of the characters. The stakes are marvelous! You can't wait to see what happens next!

All the characters are lovable! Even the bad guys! Everyone is given time to shine & show who they really are & what they think. Everyone gets to be a badass, all in their unique way! There is NO FILLER in this show, everything appears for a purpose & everyone has a role.

Delightfully evil villains & warm-hearted, EARNEST, SINCERE protagonists. This show is so forward-thinking & inspiring. It's not cynical, negative, or mean-spirited. Characters transform before your eyes in believable & EXTREMELY satisfying ways.

The characters are truly beautiful, & not just on the outside! I like bishounen, but a lot of stuff featuring them kinda sucks in the writing/plot department. Usually it's just eye candy & nothing more. NOT this show. The characters have so much depth & heart.

The plot is so UNUSUAL. It's revitalizing & REDEFINING old tropes, making them fresh & pushing them into new territory. I feel like the plot of this show is truly innovative! You will not have seen something like this before.

I feel like everyone who works on this show is putting their best foot forward. Everything is so lavishly done from the writing to the music to the character design to the plot. It's so RARE to see a show where it feels like everyone working on it is thrilled to be doing it!

Now that the 2nd season is over & it's a New Year, I want to recommend Thunderbolt Fantasy again! YOU SHOULD WATCH IT. It's on Crunchyroll, there are 2 seasons plus a movie, w more coming!

I'm writing down my thoughts on why I love this show so much!

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