Ahhh I'm so excited about what I'm doing in the comic. I want to reveal stuff early because I can't wait for people to read it. Probably no one else will be excited about it but l o l

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This little mastodon has some dirty tusks. That's my fault, I didn't clean them enough. I think it still looks pretty cool, though...

More at xxyxxyart.com

#little #mastodon #necklace #sculpted #ceramic #palladium #mastoart

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Gardening with a friend! She didn't help much with the tomatoes or beans, but she *is* very soft, so I think I can let her off ;) #gardening #cats

All done coloring and finishing the pages I pencilled...Back to pencilling new pages.

I admit I'm glad to be back to coloring. The way I'm doing it doesn't take that much longer than b&w :p

Today's Grayling update, page 0706. graylingcomic.net/

If you're enjoying the comic, please consider supporting it by buying me a Kofi ko-fi.com/arborwin or supporting the comic on Patreon! patreon.com/grayling

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“You don’t have to monetize your joy.”

This needs to be etched into the surface of the moon.

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Still $70 short on for my last bill if anyone wants a commission. It's due on Friday.

Still offered $20 icons but I can take one or two higher priced commissions too if someone really wants one. My Trello with prices is pinned to my profile :)

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lots of sirens in the neighborhood today what's happening 😣

@glaucus i know it's just a matter of getting used to it but i know it's gonna be frustrating. i had enough trouble painting minecraft skins lol

My friend @glaucus and I are watching Thunderbolt Fantasy again and it's so fuckin good... I feel like I am watching a new show every time because of my deepening understanding of the story. It's really fun

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