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Absurdly small cat face!

I finally managed some french knots last night but then couldn't replicate them. 😔 more practice needed.

I've been learning to embroider lately. Just messing with cheap craft thread & felt.

for some reason I was thinking recently of my attempt to draw humans as a kid before being exposed to anime.

I love anime and I'm proud to have achieved my current style, but it's funny to think how different things would have been if I kept drawing people like this, the other kind of comics I tend to like because styles like this are funny/cute/approachable.

It was frustrating at the time I drew this way bc I could only really draw 1 person. I didn't stick with it very long

I keep kinda wanting a tablet I can draw on while watching tv since I don't get to sit at my desk much nowadays.

But I have trouble concentrating when I'm around other people.

But I also miss the days I spent drawing in front of the tv as a kid.

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