panels I've colored lately. these fools went out in the snow without hats. they are soaked

a doodle of jolyne I made in my monthly sketchbook. i miss and cherish her. cravin new jojo anime

Today's Grayling, page 0821. CW for scary eyes & faces!!! 

Welcome to Grayling's FIRST Saturday update! Sorry it had to be this page :3 CW for angry/intense expression & eye contact 

I learned basque stitch & I love it. Really easy to work & looks really cute.

My new book, The Garenga Book, is now available for download. Read about the strange holiday traditions of Garenga, a Faidian holiday! This book is a worldbuilding exercise corresponding to my fantasy webcomic, Grayling.

You can pwyw for The Garenga Book on Gumroad, or pledge to my Patreon at any tier to download!

!!TW for self harm themes!! Today's Grayling, page 0815. 

Today's Grayling, page 0812. That's some dream. (CW for implications of self harm) 

Portrait, eye contact 

Stupid thought & drawn on my phone. Realized I never drew a baby melcey. What if they were born with long adult length legs & tiny bodies like foals lmao terrible

Webcomic w self-harm subject matter! Not explicit. 

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