Today's Grayling update, page 0706.

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Comic will update on Tues/Thurs next week. :3 I am loving coloring in CSP! I can do everything I need to do in Painter but with so many added perks. I'm still using Graphic Converter to resize, but I don't even really have to. This is the first time I've ever been able to make a full comic with 1 program! That's incredible to me.

Today's Grayling page 0704. These dragon worshippers are a bit catholic!

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Stem stitch first attempt. This one is tricky for some reason for me.

I did some reading on embroidery today & it's intimidating how much there is to it both on a historical & technical level. I feel kinda bad my work is so clumsy but I've only been practicing for a few months so I need to chill out.

One thing I think I will do is get a laying tool. With hobbies like this I do it for awhile & buy supplies based on actual needs I have, so I don't end up with useless tools I won't use.

quickie of Cloud from ff7

I also inked the next 3 pages of the comic. I'm feeling really bad this weekend, so I guess I'm glad I got anything done at all. 🙄

Today's Grayling, 0702

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what I could get colored while my cat was thrashing in my lap

Hey, Grayling will update Tuesday May 7 & Thursday May 9!

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