fern tempted by the dangerous idea of taking care of himself

cw for eye contact

thinkin about Ell with acrylic nails.......she would love this shit

partial nudity 

talkin shop about scanning watercolors 

Today's Grayling, page 0732! Fern, no, that's what we call "a whole mood" in the industry. graylingcomic.net/

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A fanart I made for one of my favorite podcasts Sinclair Lore! This is something that happens in their most recent episode about the Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge from Bloodborne.

Today's Grayling, page 0731. You ever find yourself trying to convince someone to do something you know they'd hate because you're hungry for validation? Lem wouldn't know I'm sure graylingcomic.net

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I finally have another webcomic I want to do but it will be pretty different. I want to indulge my love of simple creature designs w a fairly dark story, like Unico, a childhood fav.

Still a lot of development work to do but doodling is the first step.

When he's actually like, functioning, Cal is v into high fashion and dolling up.

finish on this little embroidery project. I wanted to do something 2d for once instead of another ornament. 😊

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