i am writing some stuff i am excited to do

i cant wait for when lem t-poses to assert dominance in the webcomic grayling dot com

I'm gonna miss my wife's holiday avatar but she wanted a new one to match my color barf theme.

This is the back of a chain stitch that came out pretty tidy, I think 😊

These are mini ornaments I'm working on for a christmas tree garland. I couldn't find any garlands for sale that suited me so I realized I would have to make one, lol. I'm planning on making sixteen of these little ones & then attaching them to a decorative piece of rope for wrapping it around the tree, wish me luck πŸ˜‚

Working on this ornament now. I'm making a lot cus it's fun but also want to keep practicing so I can up my game for next year. πŸ’ͺ

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Here's a crosstitch I repurposed into a design of my own. I gave it to @glaucus for Christmas ❀

Absurdly small cat face!

I finally managed some french knots last night but then couldn't replicate them. πŸ˜” more practice needed.

I've been learning to embroider lately. Just messing with cheap craft thread & felt.

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