for some reason I was thinking recently of my attempt to draw humans as a kid before being exposed to anime.

I love anime and I'm proud to have achieved my current style, but it's funny to think how different things would have been if I kept drawing people like this, the other kind of comics I tend to like because styles like this are funny/cute/approachable.

It was frustrating at the time I drew this way bc I could only really draw 1 person. I didn't stick with it very long

Anyways this also feeds into my thoughts on current birdsite discourse recently about racist art school professors hating anime

At the age I was heading into college, I wanted NOTHING MORE than to be able to draw anime/manga, but all art teachers hated it. This and the fact that school ruined my interests for me pretty much every time, & I was super depressed, made me avoid art school entirely.

Don't really regret it, but it's sad how many barriers were very apparent to me from early on


I've had bad enough experiences in general that I'm the kind of person who doesn't show people I meet IRL my art. I'd rather nobody I have to interact with on the daily even know I draw. It's caused a lot of problems & anxiety for me in the past, so I just don't do it.

I'm curious how many other people are like that, I have one friend who is but obviously the career artists I know are happy to show everyone they meet their art & are glad for the attention.

Artists are all so different and the reasons for doing what you do can be so dramatic, it's really interesting to me.

It causes a lot of problems, it'd be nice to be confident about talking about those differences, but people can be really insecure about these things & tend not to react well.

Like the ardent crunchers lashing back at people who say artists should be taking it easy/not hurting themselves over deadlines.

@arborwin I know this does not solve all problems, but there's one thing I try to do that might help: when I feel like I should give some advice to someone, I don't phrase it as "I believe you should do (sth) because (sth) ", but rather, as "personally, I do (sth) because (sth)". IOW, I (try to) avoid suggesting that my interlocutor change their way, I just offer another perspective.

Again, it's just one tiny communication "tool" that helps passing messages across when (1/2)

@arborwin [...] when I don't know the person well enough to adapt myself to them specifically. It does not avoid all bad reactions, but it does help reduce miscommunication (2/2)


@arborwin ... and yes, I do realize I did exactly that in this very thread. :) [3/2+1]

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