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If you like webcomics, fantasy, & lbgtq+ friendly media please consider reading my webcomic, Grayling! It's free!

If you're intimidated by the length, please don't be! I've made a deliberate attempt to keep my pages relatively simple w larger, easier to read text so it doesn't take that much effort to actually read. It's also broken into issues, so you can stop at reading 1 or 2 books if you want!

I ordered a bunch of embroidery stuff today...New floss, new felt (the cats ruined a great deal of my supply =n=), some tulip needles.

I got a frame even though I mostly work with felt...just in case I want to work with the aida I bought before.

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Embroidery number 4: The White Horse of Uffington.

Or, rather, the grey-green horse of Uffington, but I digress!

My first time trying satin stitch. 😊

#Embroidery #FibreArts #Sewing #MastoArt #CreativeToots

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I'm maruki, I make pixel art and like soft things
I've just started a patron for my personal art
#pixelart #ドット絵

Today's Grayling update, page 0720! Fern makes the classic mistake..

If you're enjoying my content, pls consider supporting me on Patreon or Ko-fi!

My 3rd Bloodborne character, Todestuhl. I created her to get the Yharnam Sunrise ending for the game. She avoids accruing much insight.

Today's Grayling, page 0719. Time to sadly eat some toast...oh shit what?

If you're enjoying my comic, please consider supporting me on Patreon or Ko-fi!

**Redrafted to upload a corrected version of the comic!**

I did a few more yesterday so I think I'm up to 11 pencilled & written pages!
One of the things I've changed up compared to how I used to do the comic is setting the type as i am pencilling or right after. It's nice to get the writing out of the way and helps me not waste too much time on painting areas that will be covered up in the end

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8 pages pencilled and written in the past 2 days >:D I did only one today..but I'm happy with my output lol

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I watched Belladonna of Sadness yesterday with my friend @glaucus

lol ... Can't say I really recommend it, since the narrative blows & the themes have the depth of a puddle, but the visuals are pretty & well done

I respect it for its sheer weirdness & that brazenly abrupt ending.

I've pencilled and written a bunch of pages today x_x A difficult but really fun conversation lol

now I'm just doodling a bit to unwind. Fern.... is dumbass

All caught up on coloring/finishing pencilled pages, so it's back to drafting now

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Doodlez, vague nudity & some horror? 

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