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i can’t believe abraham lincoln is on hbomberguy’s stream

I have 4 copies of Grayling #6, printed by Indyplanet, available signed & doodled in my online shop.

As always, for a normal unsigned copy, you can order from Indyplanet!

These books are really beautiful! The cover paper has a lovely texture that makes them wonderful to handle.

the real ff7 discourse...why does no one talk about this remix from the early aughts

my friends and I have always had this mysterious and hilarious mp3 but have no idea to this day who made it

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i am writing some stuff i am excited to do

i cant wait for when lem t-poses to assert dominance in the webcomic grayling dot com

I'm gonna miss my wife's holiday avatar but she wanted a new one to match my color barf theme.

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I just realized I put away the garland I finished without taking pix....oops.

I'm trying not to fuss too much about posting everything, but I may just whip that one out again to get photos

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this is unprompted but its a thing i see come up sometimes and was thinking about so

hey um, reminder that artists, musicians, game devs, etc etc are allowed to advertise themselves

there’s a big difference between a multimillion-dollar corporation, and a person trying to survive capitalism

please dont treat both as if they’re the same thing

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You can be non-binary no matter what your body looks like, no matter what your presentation is, whether or not you still feel some binary alignment (lots of non-binary people still associate with “male” and/or “female” in some way!), whether or not you’ve undergone medical, social, etc transition!

And if you’re non-binary you can consider yourself trans! You meet the criteria for what being trans means - your gender identity differs from your birth assignment.

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