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god help me, I'm back on my bullshit

a quick doodle of Ammy and Issun off the top of my head. I've been working on platinuming Okami lately on my PS4.

I have only the fishing tome trophy left but I had to take a break. I hope to finish it soon tho

I was thinking about those image sets of people scared in haunted houses. I liked the meme of people drawing their characters based on those lol

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11 Indie Comic Creators are being sued for defamation for criticism of a male comic publisher
(I recommend reading on but heads up it deals with predation - Tweet also has a link to crowdfunding for legal fees)

Looks like our good hunter stopped by today.

Glitter enamel Bloodborne fanart pin of the Celestial Child. $10 in my online shop!

Bloodborne Celestial Child pink glitter enamel pin is ready to buy in my online store!

There are only 100 of them, so be sure to adopt one of your very own spoopy baby today. 🐌 πŸ¦‘

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They have these cheap sketchbooks for $1 at . So I got one in hopes of loosening up my sketching but it's hard doodling after such a long hiatus from sketchbook-ing.

Backing cards for the Celestial Child have arrived! I'm waiting on one more package to set up the storefront. πŸ™ 🐌

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putting up a few more variants + derivatives of stuff i've already uploaded for ya.

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