my new hit anime, Ranking of Milk:

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adulthood is just playing russian roulette with dairy products and hoping nothing bad happens half an hour later... i had two milk tea bobas but ill die before i swear off them lol

Surely this coffee will fix all my energy and time management issues, right?!
Praying I don’t fall asleep before finishing up work hnnn

Praying this triple shot coffee works and I can actually get work done tonight 😖

Leoniles AU where I am robbed blind and heartbroken, but it’s ok bc it’s Them

If you didn’t know, Fire Emblem is one of my core interests LOL
I hope Petra is in Three Hopes!

a new social media, a new day to ponder how much of my clown butt to reveal.. how Professional do we wanna be on here LOL

Usually i only have time for sketches, but sometimes I do Color and Finish things- and lately I've been deep in ok :100awoo:


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