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Hello :) I'm Anselm, Illustrator from northern germany. I work in SciFi like Cyberpunk, and do Fantasy Artworks too.
I also like to do studies;)

The third project I've contributed now at the crowdfunding stage: Libations by Metal Weave Games!

A collection of fantasy drink lore to assist your gaming needs - already funded and pursuing stretch goals of adding more art :3

first cake I make in 10 years and of course I manage to start a fire in the kitchen 😂

week of big kitty studies to finally do something with it. really proud of this one.

I've recently reworked a personal piece from last year, Warm Embrace, by adding pretty circles everywhere... and I love the result, even if it loses some of the peacefulness of the original :)

pretty stoked about my first attempt at character modeling :) we'll see how this goes...

Issac is trying again to urgently reconect the faulty colapser after being drinking for hours in despair.
But this last futile repair attemp will make him regret saving a few bucks in his ship yearly revisions.

The alien landscape.

This is a macro photograph of a dead cane from a particularly thorny rose bush.

oh wow, suddenly there are a lot of people here :artsweats: my mobile won't shut up :D
hey everyone👋☺️

The first i did in early 2019 for Red. I was really excited to work on the project and had so much fun with this :D also went a bit over the top, result being: Parts of this were used as the cover for the Jumpstart Kit.🥳
Art Direction: Jay Kovach. Courtesy of R.Talsorian Games.

missing limb, cyberware replacement 

I did in 2020 for Red. Art Direction: Jaye Kovach. Courtesy of R.Talsorian Games.
cw: blood, missing limb

While I'm in WIP-hell, here's some of my fave studies I did last year, while following along with Nathan Fowkes' Landscape Workout class on Schoolism:

Hello everyone, I’m a freelance illustrator painting fantasy characters and props. I mostly do work but would love to work for more ! :artaww: Here are some samples of my work ☺️

New here. Still trying to figure out how everything works. But I bring puppy art.
This is referenced from my friend's pet. She appears in Godzilla Chomps on Toho's official YouTube channel.

Painting took me 20-30 mins.

also, apologies if you already know these. it's mostly reposting old stuff from my other accounts for now^^;
more cloth
singer sargent

cloth and fold

i need to remember that hastags actually work here, so i'll put some :D

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