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Hi, I'm Amanda, I'm new! I'm an illustrator working in Chicago, mostly looking for more excuses to draw skeletons. I'm available for work! My portfolio is illustration.amandaleefranck.c , I post lots on

I'm also half of this gentle secret museum podcast:

A drawing of a treetop city called The Nest, which appeared in the most recent issue of rpg magazine Codex. If you are looking for games to play online check out They publish a great magazine and are super welcoming and inclusive!


I like this one. It's part of the view from the garden of the cottages we were staying in, in Prince Albert.

Nikon D7000, Tamron 18-400mm, processed in Adobe Lightroom.

Here's this week's oil painting progress- the first layer of color! It will get much richer as I add more layers, but I'm really happy with it so far. Because light is passing through the glaze of color it is really glowy, and the colors shift around a lot as the light in the room changes.

Beauty and the Beast: Dramatic hand holding edition (I love tinted sketchbooks so much)

I got a commission to make an analog painting of one of my digital paintings! I'm using oils so it's going to take about a month. Ieven stretched and prepped the canvas myself. I'm trying out a grisaille technique, so I'm doing the underpainting in all grey and then adding color in transparent layers over it for that glowy light. I'll start on the color this weekend. Here's the process so far:

Eurgh, selfies are hard. Anyway - here's me, quilted into the escapist blanket I wrap myself in.

Mmm I'm going through some back catalogs on BHL and this is some good shit. Love me some vintage journal covers.


ok this is pretty wonky but its the first thing I have ever animated. I didn't realize that it would speed way up after processing! I'm going to fix things up tomorrow but I am still very proud, I learned alot!

I made Fragonard's swinging lady in illustrator. The cool thing is I made her poseable and I'm going to try out some simple animation! Does anyone know what the most quick and easy program is to use for that? I've got all of creative suite, but I've never animated a single thing.

Semi- - Check out the link for a process gif of this illustrated haiku! (I'm trying out making them public access.)

still making it's real fun to do! I pick 4 colors I like and then find a landscape on I'm making the background first and then adding a figure afterwords.

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