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Hi, I'm Amanda, I'm new! I'm an illustrator working in Chicago, mostly looking for more excuses to draw skeletons. I'm available for work! My portfolio is illustration.amandaleefranck.c , I post lots on

I'm also half of this gentle secret museum podcast:

Eurgh, selfies are hard. Anyway - here's me, quilted into the escapist blanket I wrap myself in.

Mmm I'm going through some back catalogs on BHL and this is some good shit. Love me some vintage journal covers.

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I made Fragonard's swinging lady in illustrator. The cool thing is I made her poseable and I'm going to try out some simple animation! Does anyone know what the most quick and easy program is to use for that? I've got all of creative suite, but I've never animated a single thing.

Semi- - Check out the link for a process gif of this illustrated haiku! (I'm trying out making them public access.)

still making it's real fun to do! I pick 4 colors I like and then find a landscape on I'm making the background first and then adding a figure afterwords.

Inspired by @annabelle_lee 's four color randomstreetview studies, I ended up doing some quick thumbnail studies with random 5 color palettes from

The random palettes actually were a help, I think. I couldn't focus on actual color or detail; I had to think in terms of relative tones and contrast. Also I got to test out some of (many) new Krita brushes.

Anyway these were my two favorites and I really want to explore the second one sometime.

Today's illustrated Haiku! Did this one last night quite quickly, after labouring for ages on one that I'm probably never gonna put up.

a drawing of a scene from our D&D game, we're investigating a mystery in some kinda eye cult town.


I did the illustrations for this game! You can get the whole thing on The Gauntlet Patreon They are a super rad community of indie players and creators, and they are innovative and queer friendly and they produce a bunch of swell podcasts. Iโ€™m really proud to be a part of it, you should check them out!

#smallstories I have been wrestling with a cold/flu for 12 days (seems like weeks) now and today I could take it no longer. I got dressed, bundled up, got my camera and headed for the woods. A favorite spot -- a trail that leads to a smaller trail which today lead to a trail that was only in use by animals. A bit of a climb but I was oh so rewarded at the top with a gorgeous view of the Adirondacks. i stayed almost too late, coming down as it grew dark. Knowing the way helped. Enjoy the view.

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