New plotter drawing up in my store:

Capsule #1
8.5" x 11"
Metallic ink on skytone paper

Playing around with some new pens and new paper!

I created several postcard designs for this drawing before making the big one. I'll post those pics in replies!


Here's my favorite of the postcards. I'm always a fan of ever-so-slightly misaligned color layers.

This will be mailed to a random backer on Patreon:

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Here are two other post cards I made as well as some details of the plots in my previous two tweets.

You can buy the large plot over at

@karafuto Thanks! I made this album cover for Dan Friel a few years back, but that was totally digital (although still written in C++ like my plotter work).

I'd love to cook up some plotter art for an album some time!

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