New drawings up in the store: Gemstone & Gemstone Fracture

Still playing with layered colors but trying some new configurations. Four colored micron pens on bristol board.

There's such nice sunlight today. It seemed like a shame to not have any plots to take pictures of so I whipped up two new version of one of my favs from .

Both versions of Maze are up in my shop

Post Card Series 1 is ready to go!

Did you know that I help run
Death By Audio Arcade
, an indie-arcade non-profit in NYC? We're trying to raise money to save our arcade! Corona virus has made it very hard to stay open so we need some help!

DM me a screenshot receipt for any donation + your address & I'll plot+mail you a post card!

I had so much fun with my Lava Lamps design yesterday that I spent most of today trying new variations with different pens.

Five variations of this drawing are now available on

These drawing use two or three colored pens. The shading is created programmatically by aligning bars of color (or white space). All designs in this series are unique, using a new random seed to produce different shapes.

I think I could drop the third color if I wanted to as well. Here's what the drawing in my first tweet looked like after the second layer.

Leaving out the last color just replaces it with white.

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I actually plotted two versions of this one. Different seed to produce new patterns and different sets of pens. This one stayed a little more in the red/purple family.

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New drawing: Lava Lamp

More color fun! This drawing use three pens and some noise fields to produce a range of colors. Really digging the retro vibe of the hatching

You can purchase this drawing and others at

More fun with color blending this morning!

New plotter drawing up in the store: Nautilus

Drawn with 4 micron pens. Spent a lot of time on a programmatic way to make & sort patterns of vertical stripes using the 4 colors

Inspired by Paul Rickards' work, I did a little color blending study on the plotter today.

His art is really phenomenal:

New drawing up in my store: Hard Candies

Not sure if this one is cursed, but I messed up two plots about 85% of the way through while making this. Very happy with the final result though!

The Pac-Path plots in my store all sold out, but if you want to own a version of this drawing AND support Death By Audio Arcade as we try to keep our indie arcade open through the pandemic, you can bid on it in our fundraiser auction!

To celebrate the upcoming Death By Audio Arcade fundraiser, I designed a new, one-off plotter drawing using our logo. New colored microns in the mail = going hard on squiggles!

You can bid on this print to help raise money for our non-profit arcade!

Bought myself some heavy card stock to draw up some post cards.

If you'd like one, DM me your address and I'll pop one in the mail as soon as it's done!

I'm working on a few designs, so no promises on what you'll get!

I'm based in the US, but if you're outside of the US and you'd like one, I'd still love to hear from ya, but I'd appreciate if you could cover international postage.

Made two new version of my Pac-Path plotter drawing.

Each one traces the Pac-Man ghost AI through an extruded 3D maze, highlighting the differences in their behavior.

Both are available in my store

Another limited edition plotter trading card: Disco Ball

Noise to generate lots of tiny horizontal lines for the ball, surrounded by undulating noise lines.

Really happy with how the green metallic ink catches the light!

Another little plotter trading card: Square Twist.

At increasingly small sizes, I take all the lines within a square & give 'em a little twist.

This limited edition run of 10 cards (all unique!) is available at with free US shipping!

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