Plotted up a few more forests today. Lots of tiny lines means that even when I batch them, each one takes a little over an hour and a half of plot time, including swapping out the pen a few times.

Bottom right came loose during the plot and got a little wiggly.

I also decided to nix the thick brown line along the sides of the trees (you can see it in the top two from yesterday). I like just letting the negative space separate them.

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Slowly working my way through the basic lands on my . Today's it's Forest!

Radiant Monolith #2
Blue and orange microns on Bristol paper.

My first Radiant Monolith drawing already sold, but I'm really enjoying the design so I had a go with some new colors. It's very fun to go right up to the edge of the page (if a little tricky to align).

The pattern in the trapazoid comes from offsetting two weighted fill patterns to make them a little out of phase as they move down the shape.

This drawing is available at

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New drawing: Radiant Monolith

Red and blue microns on Bristol paper. 9"x12"

This drawing and more available at

I was inspired by a tweet from Vernon Miller yesterday. He created a genuary entry based on the paper paper Creating Evenly-Spaced Streamlines of Arbitrary Density” by Jobard and Lefer. Had a go at recreating the technique described in openFrameworks to use with my !

2 different vector fields shown

Vernon's work can be seen here:

Another printed basic land: Plains

The clouds and the field are both randomized with every print.

New printed Magic The Gathering card: Stifle.

I put this one in basically every EDH deck I build.

Fast & Bulbous (9″x12″)
Micron on bristol

Generating shapes with noise patterns. It's great fun to tweak the parameters until it creates something I like.

This drawing and others available at

Worked on two new drawings last night.

Radiant Labyrinth #1 & #2
Micron pens on bristol.

Lots of tight outward lines that take advantage of slight misalignment between the colors. The center has a small, tight maze pattern.

Both are available at

These were inspired by the paintings of Richard Anuszkiewicz.

Here's a study I did for it last night.

The plot got interrupted when it was about 60% of the way through and that wound up being the coolest thing about it!

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New drawing: Withering Wall
Micron on bristol.

Available at

Had fun playing with the randomized settings for each cell & added a little entropy by removing a bunch of lines after sorting them for transit distance optimization.

Took about 2.5 hours to plot!

Decided to bust out the gold and silver metallic ink for my first plot of 2021.

Calling this one Halo Tower

This plot (along with many others) is available over at

I think this is my final drawing of 2020! After a few experiments with new pen weights and pressures levels, I have another Frayed Knot Pattern that I'm pleased with!

It's available in my shop to replace the one that sold yesterday!

Returned to another of my drawings. I really liked the original but it had a few code errors that I wanted to clean up.

Frayed Knot Pattern #3 - Rollerball pens on bristol

(#2 didn't turn out so hot)

This plot is up in my store

Did a few more versions of another sold out drawing! Nautilus #4 & #5 are now up in my store.

Micron pens on bristol paper.

No randomness in the design, but lots of fun to try new color combos.

Finally got around to making a simple page that indexes many of the little projects I've made that aren't big enough for the portfolio.

Mostly browser games, questionable hardware, jokes, and small interactions that made me smile.

Went back and plotted up two new versions of a fav: Pac-Path

In this plot I extruded the maze & modified the Pac-Man ghost logic to work in 3D then plotted their paths through the maze.

Both are available at

🙌 introducing myself to mastodon here 👋 i'm doing all sorts of art that starts with computers or algorithms.. for example plotter drawings like these here. they are from the series "upward spiral" and are a1 sized wax drawings. this might be come a thread :peppermintos:

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