I modelled again at life drawing this week, check out the lovely pictures people did! (Contains nudity)

Here it is in rainbow. Annoyingly, if you do it with solid colours then the centre segment touches every colour so these seemed like the only options.

Ironically, I prefer the mono version.

Actually I don't think they can for a perfect hexagon without the horizontal ∞ being larger than the others and I think that would break it more. Not sure if it'd benefit from moving the vertical ones in or out at all; it's nice how it is.

Kinda want to do a πŸ’― version where all the lines are bang on and the outer circles for a perfectly symmetrical hexagon but I'm not doing that today.

I made this Celtic knot-style design based on the most common polyamory symbol and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

I'm starting to accept that I might be quite good at life drawing.

(nudity, obvs)

Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita winds a single black thread around a grid of nails on a board to create intricate portraits #womensart t.co/bNyNUzcgZY

You don't know because you haven't met him, but I promise this looks just like the model. (Nudity, as per)

Pretty good life drawing session this time I thought. (Nudity, obvs)

At life drawing this week, the model realised hey, if props are allowed she's going to get paid to sit and read her book, and I mean life goals tbh

nudity obvs

I got bored and decided to play around with Slack's hashmark. It came out far too 1980s to actually use but I rather like it so here it is anyway:

Here is a thing I wrote for Christmas a couple of years ago.


It's a bit dark fantasy so CW if that sort of thing bothers you.

Oh my, it's looking like I've accidentally designed a poster.

My life is very strange sometimes.

I mean I'm not 100% pleased with these but they're not at all bad

I made a live wallpaper collection for Android phones. (Let me know if you want a freebie, it's not like a big old business model I have going on here.)


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