Steven Universe silliness, technically a spoiler but you've seen it all by now, right?

As one show resumes, another one ends. Rebecca Sugar with Ruby this time.

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Bit heavy on the line art this time but pretty happy with it mostly.

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Drew Vella Lovell and this time I honestly think it looks like her!

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It's a weird thing, I'm still struggling to get a good likeness from a photograph, even though I can tend to manage it from life, which I'd think would be harder because photographs are better at staying still.

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Drew Dodie. Still getting the hang of this I think, but getting there.

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Did a picture of Brigette Lundy Payne I'm at least fairly pleased with.

I know this is a birdsite link but give me this one.

Here is how life drawing went this week:

Drew this while watching chapter 21 of the new Sabrina. Medium pleased with it?

Pretty good night's life drawing, I thought.

I assume you don't know the model but the left hand picture is SO HER.

This was two separate doodles that happened to be next to each other but honestly, what a mood.

Dead quick finger painting on my phone. Who is it? No idea. 🀷🏻

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