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Posted a dinosaur a few days ago, thought I prevent him from getting lonely and post him a friend 😊

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Playing with my macro lens. It's a dinosaur eraser in a saucer of water. :D

oh man what is wrong with my phone camera?

I added a pitched roof, a wood texture and detailing, and an environment map on the windows so they feel glassy rather than matte white.

I've updated my shader to give it some speed and I'm pretty happy with it now.

Lately I've been playing around writing frag shaders, so here's a version of the intro as a couple of hundred lines of GLSL:

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I guess I have to start this account with something so here is my latest portrait :bob_ross:

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Pretty pleased with how these came out.

Can't get the shading right on this. Ho hum.

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Process gif of how I draw figures from imagination - first a gesture sketch to establish pose and proportions, then skeleton, muscles, fat, lines, and finally rendering.

#art #mastoart #creativetoots #digitalart #figuredrawing #drawing #krita #anatomy #study #muscles #skeleton

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Not my best life drawing session this week but I'm pleased with this picture.

(Obv. nudity but it's pretty mild.)

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Bit late, but here's

5. It's a very common mistake beginners make. Focusing too much on the contours instead of thinking about the object form. When drawing don't stick to the contours, instead try to imply the form. Check example which one looks better?

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