Slightly different life drawing session this week β€” I was modelling. I recommend it, nice way to spend an evening.

I deserve no credit for this amazing work.

(CW: selfie, eye contact, wolf make-up)

I really like The Doubleclicks' new song *and* obscure visual puns nobody gets β€” so I figured I'd join in and draw some terrible mashups of my own.

I even threw in an easy one to get you started.

I have built this game, or perhaps these games. They are isomorphic action games β€” so by playing one, you automatically play the other.

The prototype was for #0hgame so all in all this is about 2Β½h work β€” 1Β½ if you consider the clocks went back halfway through.

If you ever doubt the usefulness of your efforts, remember that a substantial amount of trees are planted by squirrels hiding nuts and then forgetting where they put 'em

this has been buzzing around my head for days and i've finally trapped it in a picture:

Posted a dinosaur a few days ago, thought I prevent him from getting lonely and post him a friend 😊


Playing with my macro lens. It's a dinosaur eraser in a saucer of water. :D

I added a pitched roof, a wood texture and detailing, and an environment map on the windows so they feel glassy rather than matte white.

I've updated my shader to give it some speed and I'm pretty happy with it now.

Lately I've been playing around writing frag shaders, so here's a version of the intro as a couple of hundred lines of GLSL:

I guess I have to start this account with something so here is my latest portrait :bob_ross:

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