I'm starting to accept that I might be quite good at life drawing.

(nudity, obvs)

Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita winds a single black thread around a grid of nails on a board to create intricate portraits #womensart t.co/bNyNUzcgZY

You don't know because you haven't met him, but I promise this looks just like the model. (Nudity, as per)

Pretty good life drawing session this time I thought. (Nudity, obvs)

At life drawing this week, the model realised hey, if props are allowed she's going to get paid to sit and read her book, and I mean life goals tbh

nudity obvs

I got bored and decided to play around with Slack's hashmark. It came out far too 1980s to actually use but I rather like it so here it is anyway:

Here is a thing I wrote for Christmas a couple of years ago.


It's a bit dark fantasy so CW if that sort of thing bothers you.

Oh my, it's looking like I've accidentally designed a poster.

My life is very strange sometimes.

I mean I'm not 100% pleased with these but they're not at all bad

I made a live wallpaper collection for Android phones. (Let me know if you want a freebie, it's not like a big old business model I have going on here.)


Slightly different life drawing session this week β€” I was modelling. I recommend it, nice way to spend an evening.

I deserve no credit for this amazing work.

(CW: selfie, eye contact, wolf make-up)

I really like The Doubleclicks' new song youtube.com/watch?v=Qz1g9c7jUw *and* obscure visual puns nobody gets β€” so I figured I'd join in and draw some terrible mashups of my own.

I even threw in an easy one to get you started.

I have built this game, or perhaps these games. They are isomorphic action games β€” so by playing one, you automatically play the other.

The prototype was for #0hgame so all in all this is about 2Β½h work β€” 1Β½ if you consider the clocks went back halfway through.


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