Hey! I’m new to Mastodon. It was recommended to me by some fellow artist friends. I live in Melbourne, Australia and I live for my art.

I concentrate exclusively on animals which means I’m usually doing some kind of wildlife art or pet portraits. Here’s a charcoal piece I did fairly recently called “Thy Fearful Symmetry”. I used a reference courtesy of Kaz Turner.

@andreamichael Hello Andrea ! Welcome to mastodon ! 🎨 glad to meet new traditional artists, as you will see we are a rather rare species here 😅

@patricepoly Thank you 😊 Yep I feel a little outnumbered but that’s ok.

@andreamichael Welcome to Mastodon. We're glad to have you here.
Following #art and #mastoart is the best way to see new artwork that others post.
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