I was thinking how I hate the typical fantasy art which only consists of creatures and naked women, and that if I was an ancient deity I'd still be wearing comfy clothes

So anyway, less naked goddesses and more deities with hoodies

@anaisfae are you referring to that kind of ero-fantasy done with graphite and airbrush with naked women and dragons?
If so, I hate it but I also love it lol
I hate the depiction and objectification of women, but I love the style and I can't help but look at them and ask myself what these guys had in mind while laughing. It's kinda like looking at incels posts and laugh at their mental gymnastics

@ashneehs its aimed towards the whole "fairies/witches/goddesses don't wear clothes (or almost none)" thing, though ero-fantasy is the most problematic.
There's this artist whose art I actually like, and isn't really objectifying in itself; but the fact that the artist draws mostly naked women (or animals, but never men), and that he's most probably a cis man is.. ew.
At least when there are obvious anatomy issues (like overly thin waist) I can ridicule it, but when the art is good its difficult

@anaisfae huge mood. Same goes for some artists working for MtG or Actiblizz

@anaisfae @ashneehs now I'm tempted to let @storm buy an old van so we can get some ancient Greek hero airbrushed on it

@anaisfae as a diety you shouldn't have need for any clothes at all 😶

@albi as a human you shouldn't have a need for social media, what are you even doing here

@anaisfae as a human I’m a social person bound to stay at home most of the time lately, so I’m socializing online

@albi @anaisfae as a deity you shouldn’t need for a body at all 🤷

@anaisfae me aspiring to put all my fem deity coded chars in my novel with comfy clothes a nd just generally more clothes

@anaisfae I just pictured Aphrodite with a unicorn onesie XD

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