I'm not doing much lately because my hands hurt, but I tried something the other day ✨
These shiny prints will be up for sale tomorrow!

@anaisfae Those are some nice descriptions! I know I should be sparing with my money and wouldn't actually get much out of this what with not seeing it, but I'm still kind of tempted ... :ms_thinking:
Do you think you could add image descriptions to your shop, as well? Unless you already did, in which case I must have missed them.

@Mayana I'm very sorry but this isn't something I can do right now, I would need to modify my website's code and it's a bit complicated.
Thanks for the interest though, and I'm glad you appreciated the descriptions 😊

@anaisfae That's a shame. If you ever figure out a way to do it and make the internet slightly more accessible, I'd be very thankful. But until then, thank you for making the effort over here, at least! :eyeless_smile:

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