Shop update ✨ I just added those three original paintings, but there's also lots of other art!
Boosts appreciated, thanks 💙

@anaisfae do these sell well? they're good, but if these are selling well, you have customers with some thick wallets

@thor depends on your definition of thick wallets I guess, it's not like they spend 500€ every month. Lots of people can afford spending 200-500 once a year on whatever they like and that doesn't mean they're rich

@anaisfae i guess so. the list of things i'd desperately prioritise over that is rather long though. i am forever short on cash.

@thor of course art is a luxury, not a vital necessity. Especially original art (prints are much cheaper), it's not affordable for everyone. Personally I earn less than minimum wage, I'm not able to buy originals from other artists either

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