@anaisfae :maybe_hug_empathy: to the tiny 😈 You can do it! You can hide! I had to look very carefully to find you so you're halfway there already!

@stelepami thank you for supporting the tiny little thing :D

@anaisfae What about the thing with the very long snout (in the top 3rd, middle)?? That looks evil

@oxi I don't know, there shouldn't be anything there

@anaisfae “It’s not hiding well but it’s trying”

I genuinely had a hard time finding it.

@Sylvhem ah I didn't think it'd be that hard.. but of course since I know where it is it seems obvious to me

"It's not hiding very well" i spent a good minute searching and even took of my sunnies to help. It's hiding very well!

I will refrain from acknowledging any hypothetical entity further, out of respect for any possible critter's desire to avoid being perceived.

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