This month has been a bit bad and I'm worried I won't be able to pay my rent, so if you want to support me you can:
- check out my shop:
- tip me:
- or boost this, thanks 💙

My commissions are also open! Info and examples here


Hmm ... would you mind selling digital copies for us plebs that can't afford hundreds of euros for the originals? 🤔


Or ... if you worried about your images being copied once you digitalize them ... maybe reprints?

I would gladly pay for a A3 reprint of the "deercat" ... but can't justify the 300€ for the original 😔

@fho @anaisfae
There are prints available ( and I really recommend them! I bought several postcards and they look really lovely in my living room :) Great quality, at reasonable price :)

@Zakadrine - Thanks for replying for me 💖

@fho - Also adding that I can't make A3 prints myself (only up to A4) but there are bigger sizes in my Inprnt shop: :)

If you're looking for gorgeous art I can highly recommend @anaisfae. A few of her pieces decorate the inside of my hosue and it's a better place for it :fuchsia:.

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