Welcome, traveller! I'm a traditional artist who loves animals, magic, stars and swords ✨

🐱 Site & shop:
🐺 Commission info:

🦊 Art prints:
🦌 Apparel, accessories & more:

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:twitter: If you still fancy birdsite:


Extremely beautiful...
What are the licenses of your work ?

@LienRag Thanks!
I do not authorize any use of my work, apart from personal use such as phone/desktop wallpaper.


You're entirely welcome.
If one day you'll want to put some of it under CC-BY-SA or GPL 2.O there are a lot of projects that could benefit from your talent.

@anaisfae these are really beautiful pieces of art.

Re commissions, could you do something like this one, but with our cat?

@anaisfae excellent! This is our cat @FreyaKitteh. I'll discuss pics with my partner and get back to you :)

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