So I decided to make another run of those tees 🐺
They're up for preorder here:

They're sold directly by the printer, and the good thing is you can choose either long or short sleeves!
The design will be screenprinted in white on black tees (couldn't make the moon silver this time)

@anaisfae <3 if only they had XXLT! My closet is full of belly shirts already, online shops don't offer because my size is unpopular

@deafferret yeah some print on demand services offer bigger sizes but not longer :/ that sucks..

@anaisfae If you're open to the hassle on your end I could send you cash to license your art for printing shirts (for myself) locally and then pay my local shop that happily does small batch custom XXLT shirts from hi-res images. (It's expensive on my end, but worth it, the only way I can get awesome shirts that actually fit. lol)

@anaisfae Hi, I'm too late… Is that possible to add a long sleeve size L ?

@lm No, it's too late. I didn't sell enough so it was cancelled

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