@anaisfae They are so so so pretty! One day I might try something in your style...?
Also... How do you get the masking fluid to behave like you want it to? So you use a brush?

@TQ Thank you, you're free to try it ^^
I apply the masking fluid with a dip pen. I also have a compass with a ruling pen attached, which makes circles very easy.
I only use a brush to spray the fluid to make the random stars.

@anaisfae cool, thank you so much! I'm sure mine won't look at all like yours, but I like exploring new techniques!

@anaisfae these are stunning!! 🥰✨ can i ask how long these took to paint?

@soft Thank you! I did them all together and it took me about two hours and a half in total (including the sketch)

@anaisfae they are beautiful, i especially like the top one

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