You ever have an idea you absolutely wanna draw immediately, and you have all the time to do so, and it's awesome, but then you don't do anything because you're too lazy


@Ellteo @vanhaase We have cushions and blankets on this side, if you just wanna lay down, and of course lots of food

@anaisfae @vanhaase I make coffee every other hour for if you want to feel like your soul is Vacating your Body but not actually do anything with the energy :coffee_mug:

@Ellteo @anaisfae That's my kinda club. I might bring cookies... if i can get my lazy butt to make some.

@vanhaase @Ellteo We could maybe motivate ourselves by making them together, like, once a year? we would have the rest of the year to rest

@anaisfae @vanhaase Ah yes, the annual Lazy Retreat, in which we give ourselves a Full Week to get where we plan to meet up and then take a full 24 hours to make one (1) batch of cookies.

An Excellent Plan.

@anaisfae *hand rips through the air at the speed of sound* me me me meee

@Rheall You're welcome to join our lazy artists club ^^

@notabene Let's be lazy together and say it's well-deserved rest

@ziphi Join the lazy club, we do nothing but rest everyday!

@anaisfae Sounds great! But don't expect my to submit an application form to join.

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