I realized I don't have enough money to pay my rent, so if you want to help me you can either:
- buy something from my shop
- support me on ko-fi
- boost this toot
Thanks a lot and have some cute foxes 💙

Many thanks for all the boosts and support!! Y'all are awesome :bear_hugs:
I'll mail the orders tomorrow!

@anaisfae Oh my god I love all of the stuff on your site???? I get paid in a few days, I maybe might be able to buy something! <3

@mecaka Thank you so much!! That would really help <3

@anaisfae I wish I could do more than just a boost. My money situation is rather tight as well...
Hope it's gonna get better for you soon. I like your art very much.

@champi It's alright, I know we're all struggling. Boosting already helps ^^
Thank you <3

@anaisfae Trop beaux et mignons ces renards ! Merci !

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