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Welcome, traveller! I'm a traditional artist who loves animals, magic, stars and swords ✨

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If you'd like to get a piece of art and support an artist, I've got lots of originals and prints available in my shop!
Boosts are super appreciated 💙 ✨

Dim lights are nice and cozy until you start reading horror stories huh

On m'a demandé s'il me restait des #mermay, j'ai pris une image de ce qui reste :

9 de 2020 (16x24cm, 35e +fdp)
et 6 de 2019 (14,8x21cm, 30e+fdp)

While working on this I couldn't help but think of the disapproving looks my Catholic Nana would probably give me Lmao

Just now my cat was casually sitting and cleaning his paws and he managed to slip and fall and his side like HOW

It's nice to get pet commissions but why none of those pets are mythical antlered creatures

When working on commissions: aah I wanna do personal aaaart
After finishing them: ...not anymore

Look at my shiny wolf stickers!! The metallic purple turned out so great ✨
There's only 10 available in the shop, the rest are for my patrons~

There's some kind of rodent living in my roof above my bedroom, and when it starts scratching at night the only way to make it (temporarily) stop is to talk. So I often ramble, swear and randomly sing while half asleep.
And that's how I ended up singing softly "all cops are bastaards.." to a rodent

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