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Welcome, traveller! I'm a traditional artist who loves animals, magic, stars and swords ✨

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Forgot to post this sketch the other day so here you go

Thanatos: Hope you'll forgive me if I distance myself from you until you've resolved your troubles
Zagreus: Sure

I'm playing Hades and here's how to sum up my skills:
- When I defeated Meg, as soon as I got to Asphodel I walked into the lava and died
- Last time I fought Hades I arrived half dead, and still managed to last longer and deal more damage than I thought I could by just dashing around and using cast
I don't know what I'm doing but it's fun

In autumn, there are often animals who come close to roads and you can hear their mysterious howls, they're called the leaf blowers

I have printer issues rn so if you want art prints, please go to my inprnt shop:
There's free worldwide shipping today!

And here's a pretty cat

Artist: *posts pretty art* at 15yo I drew on my phone
Me: at 15yo I had no phone. At 16 I got a flip phone, with a screen so small that even if touchscreens existed at that time, I wouldn't be able to draw on it.
I feel old, thanks

Happy halloween from your local pumpkin loving dragon~

I have no idea how to make chibi dragons.

Happy Halloween, especially to the wolves! On Pedestrian Wolves is a prunk narrative performance EP made by two trans queers living on the edge of despair. Come howl along with us!

- Bandcamp:
- Soundcloud:
- Youtube:

Patreon backers at $3+ can also grab it at no additional cost:

Wonder who cursed me to have printer issues each time we're in lockdown, with stickers being the last thing I'd print. It's really specific

Turns out after sleeping enough I can actually get things done, who would've thought

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