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How I make stars (and spells): I use masking fluid before painting
And it's always magical when I remove it 🌟

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(apparently the video doesn't load at the exact moment I wanted to share so you have to click on the link)

I was putting away the laundry and found a piece of moss in one of my panties?? How??

Procrastination is that half knitted scarf waiting since 9 years ago

The mail came!
And I got a package from the wonderful @anaisfae !

Thanks a ton, the art is incredible and the pin is beautiful.

New Commission post with updated tiers! 💜

All info also on my website at

Boosts appreciated but you can also just tell your grandma. Or your cat. Or alter Ego. Just... tell someone.

hey guys. things are tight right now so just as a reminder I have and a ko-fi. you can see prices down below and my ko-fi is here:

thanks for all ur patience and support online ily.

Reposting because the first pic was really, really shitty

Apparently my most popular print is a fox. Why am I even surprised

Hey, guess what?

Sunday morning mood: the train driver slows down too early at a station, then apologizes for doing a "really shitty braking"

@anaisfae I'm not as familiar with digital illustration as I am with pen and ink, but here's a take on your antlered wolves!

In another news, my mom (57) got herself a chicken plushie and I think that's beautiful

With food and health I had to spend a lot of money today so please buy my stuff thank you (

So I went to the osteopath and apparently I had several misplaced vertebrae.. Now I have to rest for a few days and it should get better fast \o/

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