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Welcome, traveller! I'm a watercolor artist who loves animals, magic and stars ✨

✦ Site & shop:
✦ Commission info:
✦ Art prints:
✦ Phone wallpapers, coloring pages:
✦ Support me on ko-fi:

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Here are a bunch of standalone images all related to the comic I'm working on (though the main part's stalled at the moment).

I also have a 12 page illustrated story finished and a 8-page mini-comic I'm currently drawing!

Whole bunch of dragons heading out the door but I'm gonna CW the picture for spoilers because most of it is a mystery bundle. Each bundle is different but some of the dragons are in common, so don't peek if you wanted to buy one of these and have it be 100% a surprise.

I'm not doing much lately because my hands hurt, but I tried something the other day ✨
These shiny prints will be up for sale tomorrow!

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This is the first of four portraits of this absolutely stunning orange tabby cat! As you can imagine, he's extremely well loved. I absolutely adored working on each piece in this little series, and I hope you all enjoy seeing them over the next few weeks.

Shop update ✨ I just added those three original paintings, but there's also lots of other art!
Boosts appreciated, thanks 💙

Gang's all here (excluding duplicates).

Also I guess I should have mentioned the shop drop is live:

J'ai jamais posté Vagabond
C'était ma première expo solo en 2017
Vous m'excuserez j'ai oublié les titres x)

#art #mastoart

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