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I'm not new to masto but I'm new to so here's my !

I'm a french faerie and I make art and jewelry ✨
I'm open to commissions, contact me if you're interested !
Every bit of support is highly appreciated 💙

🌱 Site & shop :
🍃 Birdsite :
🌿 Prints :
☘️ Tees & more :
🍀 Ko-fi :

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How I make stars (and spells): I use masking fluid before painting
And it's always magical when I remove it 🌟

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I'm not used to painting with these colors so it's been very stressful

Bob Ross: Trees live in your brushes
Me: Oooh so that's why they're expensive

I was looking at photos from twelve years ago, and it occurred to me that I didn't get older, I just got less alive

I need to find a name for this species. I mean, a better one than wolfalope

You ever have an idea you absolutely wanna draw immediately, and you have all the time to do so, and it's awesome, but then you don't do anything because you're too lazy

I'm in love with this poster but it's too pricey ughh
Does anyone have 75$ to spare? Thank you

It took me way too much time but I managed to redo my three moons spell with inkscape 🌟 I'm not used to the lines being so clean though

Tees and merch here:

I hate having to send emails because if it lands in the spams, the person may not even see it and I'll never know

@renardroi And I managed to finish it! Broke my "No Free Art" rule, but that's more of a guideline anyway. And I always leave room for exceptions with cute things.

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