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Welcome, traveller! I'm a traditional artist who loves animals, magic, swords and stars ✨

🐱 Site & shop:
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(also, my masking fluid tips:

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lined and painted in some of this horse while listening to a playlist for my rp partner's oc. ✌️ good vibes

No more wips since I'm done with big kitty and will post the finished painting tomorrow, be ready

Nice prank idea: tip your fav artists and tell them how much you love their work

Since orders on my shop may be delayed, I'm offering a 10% discount with the code AHJDLHSK until everything is over

sorry I've been kinda out of it I'm very tired and also I've been spending a lot of time beta testing for wolvden. here is some art i've made for myself and other folks in the testing server.

A fluffy flowery friend~
I'll be painting kitties for two "draw this in your style" challenges I'm participating on birdsite and insta, this is the first one. And apparently I'm going all out x)

A star lantern to light your path when the night is too dark 🌟
Posted the process for patrons here:

So the neighbour's dog comes in my garden, plays in the pond, and barks at my window like I'm the one who shouldn't be here 🤷

Hey all, I'm offering some quicky commissions since I have a bit of time before school starts back up!!

Each character is only $15! All transactions are through paypal - if you're curious if I can or will draw your character(s) just DM me to ask! I don't bite c:

DM if interested, boosts appreciated!

I am not graceful (a bit gross) 

A star lantern to light your path when the night is too dark 🌟
Posted the process for patrons here:

Somehow I find making sticker sheets with the same design and trying to fit as many as I can very satisfying

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