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I'm not new to masto but I'm new to so here's my !

I'm a french faerie and I make art and jewelry ✨
I'm open to commissions, contact me if you're interested !
Every bit of support is highly appreciated 💙

🌱 Site & shop :
🍃 Birdsite :
🌿 Prints :
☘️ Tees & more :
🍀 Ko-fi :

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How I make stars (and spells): I use masking fluid before painting
And it's always magical when I remove it 🌟

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I'm in love with this poster but it's too pricey ughh
Does anyone have 75$ to spare? Thank you

It took me way too much time but I managed to redo my three moons spell with inkscape 🌟 I'm not used to the lines being so clean though

Tees and merch here:

I hate having to send emails because if it lands in the spams, the person may not even see it and I'll never know

@renardroi And I managed to finish it! Broke my "No Free Art" rule, but that's more of a guideline anyway. And I always leave room for exceptions with cute things.

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