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Hi, I'm a french artist and I love painting magical animals with antlers ✨
Every bit of support is highly appreciated 💙

🌾 Site & shop:
🌱 Birdsite:
🍃 Prints:
🌿 Tees & more:
☘️ Patreon:
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Masking fluid tips 🖌️
- Use nibs! They make fine lines and are easy to clean
- Ruling pens work well too, I have one that goes with my compass and it makes neat circles easily
- Remove it by rubbing the paper with a ball of dried fluid
- Brushes can be cleaned with white spirit! Don't use your fave ones though ^^

And if you want to know how I make my space spells, I have a post on Patreon:

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Finished! :D Up for adoption if anyone would like to give this piece a home. $40 USD which includes worldwide shipping.

I ran out of gold and had to go to the ends of the earth to find the exact same one, but I can finally make embellished prints again!
(ok maybe I'm exaggerating a little)

I finally tided up my shop, and thought it'd be a waste to directly remove these three originals so they're discounted at half the price for a while

Me: has a to-draw list of about 20 art pieces
Also me: starts completely unplanned pieces half of the time

Being a professional artist is nice because I work from home and my boss is cool like I work and take days off when I want but they're so stingy I don't even have the minimum wage

(my boss is me)

How to find your own style in traditional art
- think about what you like in other artists' styles and how you could incorporate it in your work
- start painting and immediately panic because the paint doesn't react like you expected
- oh no you've made a stain
- wait this color is wrong
- go scream in a forest and come back after finally reaching inner peace
- it looks nothing like you imagined it but it's done at least
- you found your art style, congrats!

I have these nightmares where I seem to wake up and discover I sleepwalked and did a bunch of weird things like moving furniture and objects, throwing things on the floor etc. It feels awfully realistic and I'm always persuaded I'm awake. It has some continuity too (like I thought "I sleepwalked -again-"), and I do more and more mess every time.
Last time I saw my mom (usually I don't see faces in my dreams), she told me it was real, and then I really woke up and I was like holy shit HOLY SHIT

Paradise. I just want to lay down there and look at the sky
Original photo:

(this time I'm really searching for deer pics)

I'm searching for rabbit pics on unsplash and there's a deer in the results. They know me

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