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Welcome, traveller! I'm a traditional artist who loves animals, magic, stars and swords ✨

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"the school rules states that students of the opposite sex cannot be overly intimate in their interactions with each other"

*winks in gay*

You can easily recognize a wild long-haired artist by the brush that holds their hair

Every year I celebrate the anniversary of "forgetting I shouldn't update my nvidia drivers" by, huh, forgetting again T_T

goth scholar caracal baby
yes? yes. I hadn't settled on a name for him yet.

Heureusement que je relis mes mails, j'ai failli signer "conne journée" à la place de bonne ^^'

its 3am but i went absolutely apeshit on this artfight friendly fire for @strawberry

I almost fully went for the card aesthetic but decided against it so this could have been much worse tbh. i hope you like !

My cat:
Me: Mokona
My cat: ?
Me: ..ACAB
My cat:
My cat: *purrs*

No one:
Absolutely no one:
Popular male artist: hey you know speaking out against abusers like that is bad, my career could easily be ruined because of false accusations, can you imagine how dangerous it is

It's for a drawing with a pun btw, the animal will have a crown

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