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I'm Ana and this is my first post, or my . Yay sugoi desu!

I am constantly / and I carry a sketchbook everywhere I go.

I watch more than I read , but yes I read manga don't worry heheh :3

I also like , both Pop & , watching drawing tutorials online (the best and worst XD) and last but not least, my family and friends who support me :3.

important survey please boost for awareness

anti-LGBT protesters in birmingham threw eggs at LGBT people who had been invited by the school to hang banners promoting love and diversity.

centrists immediately started crowing that this is what the left has brought on itself.

if you can't see the difference between milkshaking a fascist and egging LGBT people, you might be a centrist piece of shit

Believe in yourself. Give in to the darkness. Be the Villain you were always meant to be. #youcandoit

Woke up at 6 to realize I have no school today

Meh, Imma go on Mastodon.

If you have to go to work today and you are not in the mood, you have my support.

I bought a pencil case 🖤

If you are not a fan of , admire this beauty:

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