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Sonafusion with my lovely gf @amorachinchilla <333
πŸŒ β„οΈSnow+Amora β„οΈπŸŒ 

i could sit here every night. i could watch the world go by
i just hope you realize that when you sit here by my side
whatever that implies will be just fine
my heart beats like a tambourine, it plays along in time
(@melnathea, song is "Tambourine in Thyme by Nana Grizol)

wow those are going super quick and twitchy for some reason? they look fine on every other site i've uploaded to omg

The group and masterlist icons for my new DA species game group, Caline Adventures!

If you're interested, the group can be found here: caline-adventures.deviantart.c

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a couple of $3 for @simonlauchlan on twitter! still doing these until the end of the month, if anyone wants one!

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a tiny animated @melnathea (made bigger for posting here) to test out a spriteing program they got me! it's awfully cute, i think.

tiny version here!

would anyone want little $3 like this? i need a bit of extra money for Christmas gifts!!

i've been crocheting so much. in the last 3 days i've made:
1 and a half scarves
2 hats
1 and a half pairs of gloves

a trollsona that you can entirely blame my gf @melnathea for. they're actually a rustblood but blue is my color so?? both

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