How old are you, if you don't mind my asking?

Changed my icon to the drawing I did for the artist meme! Also added a header image!

There's an artist meme going around on twitter, and I thought I'd share mine here too!

This is my baby, Cielo! I forgot to post this here!

I love Cielo~ They wanted stronger magic to help others. They eventually became more magic than human, and can now grant any wish. But they don't realize that wishes do not guarantee happiness.

They're a bit naive but kind and just want to make people happy.

I have been forgetting to post here, forgive me 😭

I drew a few of my favorite water-type pokemon Two hearts

If any of you would like to support me or my art, it would be greatly appreciated! I'm currently giving a wallpaper version of this drawing to anyone who would like to donate to me on my ko-fi page.

My character, Gemini! She is half fae, and has air elemental abilities! When she’s dancing, she barely touches the ground.

Made a new icon! This was my first time drawing with Procreate and I really had a lot of fun with it :)
Also, I really love mushrooms!

I drew my friend's character for them as a very early xmas gift! This is Shiwa, who belongs to Gloomyhome on twitter and instagram!

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