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list of things i need CWed 

-Boris Johnson
-Gross/unsanitary/bodily functions
*Corporal punishment
*Fat fetish/hyper/inflation/growth
-Foot fetish pics/art
*DDLG/daddy jokes
-Ace/MOGAI discourse
-Kin discourse
-Rilla from Animal Crossing
*Wild/exotic animals being depicted in situations that imply domestication or being owned as pets
-Any & all discussion pertaining to 'false' or 'implanted' memories

* = i will block you if you post any of these at all

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one small thing: i dont follow minors, im an adult. i want to maintain healthy boundaries so don't expect a followback or much conversing if youre under 18. no hard feelings. stay safe yall!

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hi im alfe and i'm an artist who aspires to be a freelancer, solo gamedev & music producer. right now i make art & music.

my other interests/things im interested in include aesthetics (memphis milano is one of my favs), retreaux photography, desktop customization, OS design, video games, vinyl toys, plushes, etc. i hope to be able to meet as many of yall as i can !

a sample of my artwork:

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other things to know about me:
- ND
- SEAsian
- im pretty genre-blind when it comes to music i guess??
- windows guy
- not afraid to admit theyre Extremely Onlineโ„ข
- loves kintoki ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ•ถ๐Ÿฅ‡

media/fandom stuff i like:
- pokemon
- animal crossing
- monster hunter
- loz
- splatoon
- bemani/pop'n music

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i wish all online ppl living in antarctica a very pleasant evening (lol does that even exist on the south pole)


ive progressively gotten worse at talking to ppl bc theres nothing for me TO talk abt besides my uneventful yet crappy life

i may consider going he/him only bc i dont want to be the butt of jokes involving the they/them set of pronouns theyre not funny & a major source of irritation for me but also i want something for ppl who dont exactly know what pronouns to use for me


@alphapet its 2:33am & i took the melatonin gummies maybe an hr ago yet i cant sleep & when i try my eyes feel restless

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i wish i wasnt born in the us why couldnt i have been born in an actually socialist place instead. i cant sleep im so sad I HATE IT HERE

yknow how theres artwork of a longhaired dude tying up his ponytail where his arms are up & the elastic is in his mouth? yeah

Instead of hollow land acknowledgement, I demand people acknowledge the platform and server and laptop and chips and miners who had to extract those chip materials. The wifi and underwater cables. Their publisher and the underpaid bookstore workers. The trees that were cut down and pulped to print their books. The students squeezed broke or put into debt by the university admisssion. The troubling entanglements of the university endowments. All that makes the thing.


i dont like talking abt anything lately bc ill get seen as an 'ideas guy'

ffffff roland zenbeats apparently introduced a premium cloud package. i hope i can still use the basic functionality w/o needing to signin or connect to anything or forced updates etc. i just use the app for sketching i dont intend to make complete tracks w/ it

minecraft opinion 

mods that try to alter the way the game looks to such a radical degree (conquest reforged, cocricot, etc) that they begin to stop feeling like minecraft. not really my cup of tea tbh

some of the things the 'transformation packs' do is just kinda going overboard & sometimes bordering on uncanny valley. i would like them better if they showed a bit more restraint towards the minecraft aesthetic (mizuno's does this well altho its not a full-blown mod)

@alphapet im also not interested in mcyt content & heard that the ones that are all the rage these days are... pretty unsavory

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havin trouble finding good mineblr blogs to sub to via rss (thats basically how i keep up with that site nowadays) bc they all fuckin post cottagecore shit ewwww

kink mention 

besides all the controversy surrounding them i also think pup hoods are just plain ugly

ph (~) 

uuuu throat discomfort... i hope this dosnt mean what i think it does..

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