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one small thing: i dont follow minors, im an adult. i want to maintain healthy boundaries so don't expect a followback or much conversing if youre under 18. no hard feelings. stay safe yall!

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hi im alfe and i'm an artist who aspires to be a freelancer, solo gamedev & music producer. right now i make art & music.

my other interests/things im interested in include aesthetics (memphis milano is one of my favs), retreaux photography, desktop customization, OS design, video games, vinyl toys, plushes, etc. i hope to be able to meet as many of yall as i can !

a sample of my artwork:

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other things to know about me:
- ND
- SEAsian
- im pretty genre-blind when it comes to music i guess??
- windows guy
- not afraid to admit theyre Extremely Online™
- loves kintoki 🐻🕶🥇

media/fandom stuff i like:
- pokemon
- animal crossing
- monster hunter
- loz
- splatoon
- bemani/pop'n music

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list of things i need CWed 

-Boris Johnson
-Toilet humor/unsanitary/bodily functions
*Corporal punishment/advocacy of such (including depiction of tools commonly/primarily used for these purposes)
*Fat fetish/hyper/inflation/growth
-Foot fetish pics/art
-Ace/MOGAI discourse
-Kin discourse
-Rilla from Animal Crossing
*Exotic animals being depicted in situations that imply domestication/being owned as pets

* = i will block you if you post any of these at all

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fuck this. my discord is alphapet#0633 ill stop being picky about who i decide to approve for awhile


i hate that i have to resort to random chat services bc theyre all full of horny ppl or ppl that immediately end the convo everytime i say something, they dont like that i use a vpn, etc. ppl asking me what my gender is, et c

family (-) 

tomorrow and the coming days are gonna absolutely suck ive already did all i can to avoid these fox news watching "covid is over!" cretins i put my phone on do not disturb but the aftermath is gonna be devastating bc they might catch on that i put my phone on do not disturb on purpose to avoid their calls

and i do nt have any friends online or irl to spend time with and they forget my birthday and im never acknowledged at all whatsoever i just cant handle being invisible anymore

i dont believe the radiation from cellphones is gonna affect people in any significant way at least not by very much. source: most of us are on our phones all the time now

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lol they believe in the bogus 5g conspiracy???

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from the 'Pandering to casuals / non-gamers' section in their page about the flaws of capitalism. pedophilia & etc ment

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digdeeper may give out solid privacy advice but unfortunately theyre one of those "(not-sexualized) women and POC in videogames bad! SJW bad!" nutcases. predictable, they still live in 2015

does anyone have any recommendations for rss feed reader android apps that dont require some hosting thing i can just plop a link down in the app itself w/o any external requirements?

bc this one ive been using simply called Read suddenly has ads in it after so long it worked fine w/o...

⚠️no SaaS, only free or one-time payments⚠️


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*NSA openly installing backdoors in all computer software* open source made in china scary!

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Reminder that Breonna Taylor was a human being whose life has value, who had friends and family, who was loved and her life was brutally taken from her.

Maybe let's not turn that into a meme (which are literally jokes).

really only started messing aroudnwith this today. building a prototype

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subtoot, existential (~ and - i guess) 

"your body is a part of you!" damn i wish it wasnt having feelings is a massive inconvenience for me and others ive reflected on this for quite awhile now. also bodily processes are inherently tied to traumatic experiences ive had before so

i have another motivation for having spun a vm of a very old windows version & thats because i plan to make my icon set (part of an eventual larger theme suite) backward compatible with older OSes. interesting to see how the icons i made will look with the eye-searing limited color palettes

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- not so much performance-related but when i try to scribble something in Paintbrush using the pen its vastly decalibrated like i poke at the screen yet the drawing is waaaaaaay off
- really wish i could single click instead of double click (unless i just havent found it yet but i dont think its there)

all in all its pretty clunky & not that easy to navigate

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i learned how to spin up a windows for workgroups 3.11 VM (because of a couple games from the obscuritory im interested in playing) and the os looks deceptively simplistic; it gives the impression of being lightweight & fast-looking from the limited colors & having less Stuff in it but actually using it feels anything but:

- dragging a window doesnt update it in real time as you drag it
- no dedicated close button
- even though im using 4/8 cores theres still lag

wwdc, joke 

those apple chips sure do look tasty

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"The key message from both papers is that planting trees is not a simple climate solution"

Planting monocultures is just another climate capitalist "solution" that has been shown to be overrated time and again

Protect forests
Protect indigenous peoples

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fuck noah bradley

anyone who promotes themself as some kind of authority on art is definitely the type to have a power trip and try to exert that sense of station on others

which is exactly what he did

more like

also his paintings are generic and lackluster and don't stand out in a crowd but that's extremely tertiary to the hurt he's caused with his actions

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