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almondette @almondette

have not made some illustrations i'm allowed to post in a while so i'll post the pins i did a run of. i made pronoun pins! better quality and more indie than stuff from the big box retailers.

my name's amelie and i'm legally blind. i have severely limited vision in one eye and no vision in the other. i draw anyway. i'm nonbinary and vietnamese-american. i talk too much about myself sometimes.

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@cashmereblend thank you!! they were such a big hit with my friends. i have to thank them for helping me get motivated to make them. <3

@jernone in very tiny quantities here! there are plenty of stickers leftover from the kickstarter i did though :>

@almondette Oh, these are so pretty! I really like the glitter text, it's a nice touch.

@dona the glitter ones came out so much nicer than i anticipated! they were a treat to see irl :DDD

@almondette Welcome to mastodon almondette! I hope you'll like being here with us :).

Also, those pins are absolutely gorgeous (。♥‿♥。).