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If y’all buy something from my shop, I’m offering a freebie to Mastodon users! Leave a note in your purchase that lets me know you’re from here, and also let me know what pride flag you identify with the most. 👀

Link’s in my bio! Offer lasts forever, just trying to encourage folks to use this platform through bribery! :P

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A wandering cleric of an unknown Deity has offered you their blessing in exchange for a shared meal.

Blessed (Study 20201219)

🖼 Prints:

👼 Patreon:

dear sweet buds,
I'm going to post redundant work.
(it seems when one move, their toots do not, my bad)


Hello (again)!
I just migrated over from because it sounds like my work fits a little closer c:

nsfw art is wonderful and I respect it, I just don't make any 😅

Thanks so much to for the warm welcome❤️


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