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In spite of how busy it is, a day spent at a hospital emergency room is somewhat less than exciting.

There is a lot of waiting for news about the next step to happen.

Having a book along didn't help much. There was something about the ambiance which made it difficult to focus on the words.


I am going to guess you followed because of and am excited to see the gradual increase of people interested in the topic.

What tools do you use in your designs?

Word of the Day


[with object]
1 Reduce in extent or quantity; impose a restriction on.
1.1 curtail someone of archaic Deprive someone of (something)

Late 15th century: from obsolete curtal ‘horse with a docked tail’, from French courtault, from court ‘short’, from Latin curtus. The change in the ending was due to association with tail and perhaps also with French tailler ‘to cut’.


Yesterday's work was curtailed by a need to go to the hospital to deal with an uneven heartbeat. Rating its rate, the doctors said, "lie still while we get this organ under control!"

Word of the Day


1 A person who has done something wrong or unlawful.
1.1 archaic A heretic.

1 (of a person) behaving badly or unlawfully.
1.1 archaic Heretical.

Middle English (as an adjective in the sense ‘disbelieving’): from Old French mescreant, present participle of mescreire ‘disbelieve’, from mes- ‘mis-’ + creire ‘believe’ (from Latin credere).


Mark was a mythic miscreant, passing through the world with no belief in the law. He saw all of his actions as pure and selfish. What else, he felt, should one do?



Your choice to follow pleases me because...well, it just does!

Really, if it helps to fill your timeline, I am game, but recognize that my posts only happen when they do, not when they don't.

Conversations are also welcome, of course.They will be somewhat asynchronous, I suspect, but that's the nature of things on the Internet.

"Surreal" is a completely ridiculous term to use to describe temperatures in the 70s in Boston.

The walk today
Was way to hot, I say.
Even with no jacket
Too sweaty, couldn't hack it.

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Word of the Day


[with object]
Give strength or energy to.

Mid 17th century: from medieval Latin invigorat- ‘made strong’, from the verb invigorare, from in- ‘towards’ + Latin vigorare ‘make strong’ (from vigor ‘vigour’).


The banana and peanut butter he ate for breakfast invigorated him enough to prepare the post for a word of the day. It would just take him through until lunch, as well.

Awake flowers!
Early buds
By days, not hours.
You'll all be duds.



Word of the Day


Plural epizoa
An animal that lives on the body of another animal, especially as a parasite.

Mid 19th century: from epi- ‘upon’ + Greek zōion ‘animal’.


The main thing you want to do with an epizoon is to get the epizo OFF! Said another way, 'having ticks can tick you off'.

"I think we should look at in further detail."

Public official response to a question. Too typical.

Word of the Day


[with object]
1 Restore (elements regarded as disparate) to unity.
1.1 Integrate (someone) back into society.


Humans have a perverse resistance to attempts to reintegrate.


Your instance makes you stand out, but now you have ALSO followed me. You stand out even more!

(Nah. I'm really more humble than that.)

May your time in the fediverse make you happy.

Be good to your citizens. It is a duty worth accomplishing.

The movie "Urban Cowboy" is testosterone flowing like Niagara Falls.

Our five inches of snow
No big deal for February.
But it might be the last, you know,
Making this year not ordinary.



Follow as you will. Drop as needed.

Do I sense you do ?

I'll need to look back through your posts to see what you might have let us see!

What tools?

Sunday Sillies -Wicked Wonderful Wordies -

Idioms or common phrases (American/English) are represented by the position, shape or arrangement of words in or around a square.

Can you figure out this week's wordie? It would be wicked wonderful if you can.

Please use CW to submit your answers, thanks. Give everybody the chance to guess.

Hint: Diligent

Word of the Day


(US hemostat)

An instrument for preventing blood flow by compression of a blood vessel.


Susan recounted the hemostats for a fifth time. Everyone had searched the floor. She and the surgeon made reluctant eye contact and he said, "Scalpel!" just before they re-opened the patient.