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Monday Mumble

For those who are (or might become) fans of Sunday's weekly "Wicked Wonderful Wordies" visual idiom --

There are currently 35 sets of 12 wordies in PDF format available.

Direct your browser to:

Please feel free to share the PDF files with family and friends...even casual acquaintances!

Reminder: a new puzzle will appear here in the fediverse on Sundays...until they run out.

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Thank you for linking.
So you know what I'm thinking.
It's coffee I'm drinking.
From hard work, I'm shrinking.

Tomorrow's a dream.
So for today, I'll scheme.
Filling out a paperless ream,
With no solid, fixed theme.

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Word of The Day 

It's about using words, of course, but, while an occasional favorite or boost happens, there's little engagement.

A two-part Challenge Proposal:

A) Post a toot using the word in any way, sentence, story, analysis, rhyme...

B) Doodlers and Artists, use the word as the subject of a

Get in on the fun of words and visual imagination.

Start today?

Remember to use the hashtag, of course.

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Thanks to anyone who decides to follow this account.

I have a habit of responding to all who do so, but this is a second account, and I may mess up when trying to determine who is a new follower and who is "also" following after connecting by way of my account.

It is not my intent to litter myself all over the fediverse. I will see how things go. I've made connections with several others on and think I'll feel at home here while NOT restricting my toots to artistic attempts. It looks like the instance won't generally mind.

Words have art in them, too.

Good luck to all of us.

Strength to the fediverse through the efforts of individuals.

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❓ Question 1: Do you type URLs into the browser's address bar frequently? (say, a few times per month)

❓ Question 2: Would your peers describe you as a "computer/tech person" rather than the opposite?

🔁 Boosts welcome, to reach "tech persons" and "non tech persons" alike. 😉

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Every day I am grateful to the wonderful work that the FOSS world as a whole performs to make my life better.

Thank you to everyone who works to advance the commons. <3


Me encanta sentarme y caminar en la playa. Pero el sol es malo para mi piel. Necesito estar bien vestido y con sombrero.

¿Se dice «sombrero» o «gorra»?

Learning Spanish

I tried this sentence:

Tengo el picor aprender español, pero estoy siempre en busca de las palabras corectas.

Google took my attempt and said:

I have the itch to learn Spanish, but I am always looking for the right words.

That's what I tried to say,
but then, reversing the translation, Google Translate came back with:

Tengo ganas de aprender español, pero siempre estoy buscando las palabras adecuadas.

Case in point!

I need immersion!

a chill in the air
even inside, on the chair
northeast winter wind

Good morning @dogtrax

I hope your chilly morning is being warmed by a good hot drink along with the mental challenge of the embroidery puzzle.

My own morning is being warmed by a blanket over my knees.

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Please note:

After a year or so of doing this thing, it has become abundantly clear that I was completely incapable of accurately judging the difficulty level of any given puzzle so that "feature" of this tiny puzzle is being retired.

You certainly will be able to decide how easy the solution was for you to find.

May these little gems often bring smiles to your faces.

[Let me think, where else would you find smiles, anyway?]

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Embroidery is a simple with one answer. Start with one of the letters with a gray background and move to the next letter, but only horizontal or vertical from where you start. No diagonals - each square just once.

Please use DM or CW to give answers to let everyone enjoy the search!

Starting with one of the letters in a
gray square, find the hidden word.
Next letter horizontal or vertical from
the first. No diagonals.
No square may be used again.
Minimum 7 letters

Sunday Sillies -Wicked Wonderful Wordies -

Happy weekend from here, fans!

Idioms or common phrases (American/English) are represented by the position, shape or arrangement of words in or around the puzzle frame.

Can you figure out this week's wordie? It would be wicked wonderful if you can.

Please use CW to submit your answers, thanks. Give everybody the chance to guess.

Hint: unhappy endings

Created with the Free Software SVG editor


Luck once again propels a quick pre-dawn solution.

Wordle 218 3/6



Pronunciation /ˈmʌpɪt/
informal, derogatory British
An incompetent or foolish person.

1980s from Muppet, the generic name given to various puppets and marionettes created by Jim Henson (1936–90) for the children's television programmes Sesame Street and The Muppet Show.


Sid said,"Yer a sorry muppet, Oscar, livin' the way ya do."
Oscar huffed back, "Ah, shaddup, ya dummy. Least I got a roof over my head."


Pronunciation /ˈdʒɛnəreɪt/
[with object]
1 Produce or create.
1.1 Produce (energy, especially electricity).
1.2 Mathematics Linguistics Produce (a set or sequence of items) by performing specified mathematical or logical operations on an initial set.

Latin generat- ‘created’, from the verb generare, from genus, gener- ‘stock, race’.


John hoped to generate enthusiasm for his product, so he gave some away to social media influencers.


Wordle 216 5/6


hoping it is the verb form of the word!

I wonder, does the time of day when the appears with its accompanying image matter to the Fediverse?

I normally work on the thing in my morning. Yet, here it is, after local sundown (it's winter) and the word is just appearing.

The fediverse seems like a 24 hour pharmacy, always open.

Do you care when you can take your daily word prescription?

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Pronunciation /ˈnɪðərɪŋ/
dialect Scottish, British
Shivering or trembling, as with cold.

Late 19th century; earliest use found in Francis Robinson (1809–1882). From nither + -ing.


Neither winter's numb nithering nor suffering from the swelter of summer, the joy of spring and fall.

Wordle (lucky and quick) 

Wordle 215 3/6


only about a minute today. Lucky first two guesses.


Pronunciation /ˈfʌbɪŋ/
mass noun informal
The practice of ignoring one's companion or companions in order to pay attention to one's phone or other mobile device.

2012 blend of phone and snubbing (from snub); coined by an Australian advertising agency as part of a marketing campaign with the Macquarie Dictionary.


Steve is often a schlub but so is Sue. They are always phubbing each other.


Lucky guesses early made this one easier than it might have been.

Wordle 214 3/6



Thanks for connecting.

I certainly support your quest for a world which prefers Free Software first.

Good luck in your efforts to make it happen.

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