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mass noun Anatomy Geology
1 The action of bending or curving, or the condition of being bent or curved.
1.1 count noun A bent or curved part.

Late 16th century: from Latin flexura, from flectere ‘to bend’.


The mountain range displayed a strange flexure
As if the bedrock below had very odd texture.
The view from overhead like an oxbow
As if it were a river down below.

A fire described as having "heavy flames" seems wrong somehow.

Most fediverse interaction
Gives a positive reaction.
Reducing by at least a fraction
Dumb-down hate's online traction.


1 Relating to or characteristic of hell or the underworld.

Latin infernus ‘below, underground’, used by Christians to mean ‘hell’, ‘the lower regions’.


That region called infernal
Elicits a sense of nocturnal.
Though, if you there retire,
It's thought you'll find just fire.

With that scene in your mind
I wonder why, in matching kind,
It's opposite, empyrean aerie,
Is also described as fiery.


mass noun
An amino acid containing sulphur and important in the metabolism of fats.
Chemical formula: NH₂CH₂CH₂SO₃H

from Greek tauros ‘bull’ (because it was originally obtained from ox bile) + -ine


1 Of or like a bull.
1.1 Relating to bullfighting.

Early 17th century: from Latin taurinus, from taurus ‘bull’.


It tore us apart to realize we lost a full tureen of taurine from the lab.


So I'm no clownish bloke.
Can't ride a unicycle
I aspire to tell a remembered joke
Something about how sad it is to think of all those naugas slaughtered to make faux leather naugahide chairs.

Thanks for making the connection. Didn't Russ warn you about me?



Affectedly coy or ingratiating.


Sir, desist! I am neither a queen nor your girlfriend. Get off your knees and stop your inane simpering.

Since the post this morning, I missed an opportunity for steam...

As I'm thinking about it, I could have done a simple right had rotation pretty easily:

The question may remain: "Is that the same draught of beer from this morning, or how many refills later?"

Feedback is fabulous.
Suggestions are superb.
Reactions are reasoned.
Comments are crucial.
Rhyming is not required.

There, there and there again
Another notice at the top
Another star from Ben
Part of the notification crop.

It may be fleeting joy
And could just as quickly fade
But for here and now, oh boy!
This special day is made!

I fills my heart with glee
Whenever I do see
A starred notification
For the stuff I post here for free.

Soon, soon, soon.
Must we wait 'till June
For flowers out at noon?
Crocus? YES! I swoon.



1 British informal predicative
Extremely drunk.

2 North American informal predicative
Angry; upset.

3 (of food) cooked by steaming.

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day? Don't get steamed, especially if you have to work tomorrow. Also, don't be steamed if you have to work!

Wicked Wonderful Wordies

Idioms or common phrases (American/English) are represented by the position, shape or arrangement of words in or around a square.

Can you figure out this week's wordie? It would be wicked wonderful if you can.

Please use CW/DM to submit your answers, thanks. Give everybody the chance to guess.

Hint: That's it!

While many are working social media to become influencers...

...I am content being an effluencer.

spring winds fight the sun
both work to melt the snow banks
i watch from indoors

(British ironise)

[with object]
Use ironically.


It is not uncommon for the WotD sentences to ironize something or other. On the contrary, it is rare that someone lionizes me for the work.

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