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@deejoe @alextee @robert When things like RollApp exist (who say that they can take any app -- absolutely any at all -- and turn it into a web app) like then it seems pointless to make a distinction between network & non-network if any can be either. Plus: The GPLv3 was originally going to have the Affero clause in it anyway so using the AGPLv3 is like using what the GPLv3 was originally going to be anyway.

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Well here we go.
First release of Ninjas2 sample slicer plugin

more info in the readme :

Ninjas2 has been used in @unfa latest live stream (@ 55:00 in)

and also by Speak in a DnB track

Well , have fun 馃槈

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In case you like it: The SVG image can be found here - feel free to have fun with it:

CC BY-SA 4.0

new v0.5.162 has been released!

Release notes:
- License change from GPLv3+ to AGPLv3+
- Cut-clip tool (WIP)
- Add Norwegian in language selection
- Update German/Norwegian/Japanese translations
- Undoable individual MIDI velocity changes
- Undoable MIDI velocity ramp feature
- Fix some undo/redo bugs
- Refactor of arranger objects
- Fix basic saving/loading of projects
- Fix duplicate projects getting displayed in the project list in some situations
- Refactor automation tracks

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Finally, the fediverse icon mosaic is finished - and I love the result :blobheartcat:

#art #mastoart #fediverse #inkscape

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I wrote a blog post listing some free SFZ/SF2 libraries I found.

If you know of any not listed plz shoot me a message!

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So my youngest kid asked if he could watch those videos where that dude makes piano songs..

/me shows pic of @unfa
You mean him?


Btw he's 8

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Family entertainment.

Probably my family is a bit *special*.

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some new shiny screenshots of

i forgot to turn off redshift and debugging mode so the colors are a bit faded but nonetheless looks pretty cool

As part of my "delete javascript" campaign, I removed discourse and a couple of other software from the server, and I started migrating from gitlab to cgit.

wrote an article about setting up cgit on CentOS 7 with Apache

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Encore 15 jours pour se mobiliser !

D茅j脿 96%, soutenons @Framasoft pour son travail au quotidien !

La route est longue, mais la voie est libre !

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馃懆鈥嶐煄 馃帶 馃幖 馃幑 馃 馃幏 馃幒 馃幐 馃幓 馃帤 馃帥 馃嚝馃嚪 馃幍 馃幎

Encore un peu de traduction pour #Zrythm !

#LibraZiK #linuxmao

馃幍 version 0.5.097 has been released! 馃幍

Release Notes:
- Added markers
- New design for chords/scales, track icons, looped region
- Fix many undo/redo issues
- Fix crash when creating automation points
- Automation curve improvements
- Can now add multiple modulators with depth on a parameter
- Add stack switcher in the inspector to switch between track/editor/plugin properties
- Move playhead to prev/next marker using numpad 4/6

Download at

We need testers!

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馃搱 In other news, the number of active Liberapay users has just surpassed last year's peak. We had 2091 users sending and/or receiving money on July 11th last year, we have 2114 today.

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