experimental transport sync and exposing of internals to JACK is here!

can now use as a piano roll for e.g. among other things

will be included for testing in next release

v0.6.003 is out!

New features:
- Plugin latency compensation during playback
- Chords and automation are now inside regions (can be looped)
- New chord editor
- New automation editor
- Region split functionality (WIP)
- Quick quantize/full quantize functionality (regions only for now)
- Metronome
- Chinese, German, French, Japanese translations
- Many bugfixes

Binaries available at:


experimental plugin latency compensation (for linear EQs, look-ahead compressors, etc.) coming soon to \o/

new v0.5.162 has been released!

Release notes:
- License change from GPLv3+ to AGPLv3+
- Cut-clip tool (WIP)
- Add Norwegian in language selection
- Update German/Norwegian/Japanese translations
- Undoable individual MIDI velocity changes
- Undoable MIDI velocity ramp feature
- Fix some undo/redo bugs
- Refactor of arranger objects
- Fix basic saving/loading of projects
- Fix duplicate projects getting displayed in the project list in some situations
- Refactor automation tracks

some new shiny screenshots of

i forgot to turn off redshift and debugging mode so the colors are a bit faded but nonetheless looks pretty cool

🎡 version 0.5.097 has been released! 🎡

Release Notes:
- Added markers
- New design for chords/scales, track icons, looped region
- Fix many undo/redo issues
- Fix crash when creating automation points
- Automation curve improvements
- Can now add multiple modulators with depth on a parameter
- Add stack switcher in the inspector to switch between track/editor/plugin properties
- Move playhead to prev/next marker using numpad 4/6

Download at zrythm.org

We need testers!

🎼 Release v0.5.074 🎼

Release Notes

- Add Chord and Scale objects in the arranger
- Add Chord and Scale selector popups
- Add highlighting in the Piano Roll based on current Chord/Scale
- Create flatpak (WIP)
- Fix minor Timeline bugs

Download (shipping soon):

πŸ†• Zrythm release v0.4.168 πŸ†•

Main changes:
- New inspector UI
- Can now connect ports from one plugin to another (e.g. LFO to filter cutoff)
- New website for dev docs (docs.zrythm.org)
- Show other regions in the piano roll
- New tabbed toolbar instead of standard File/Edit/etc
- New "selection info" bar
- Other UI changes

Release notes:

See pic for new UI

* Zrythm is in pre-alpha

πŸ†• release v0.4.151 πŸ†•

- Fix FreeBSD build failures
- Fix crash on region duplication
- Fix duplicated MIDI notes not getting selected
- Fix piano roll not becoming active when clip editor is loaded
- Merge new libcyaml for bitfield support when saving projects
- Created expander box widget for use in the inspector/channel strip

Source: git.zrythm.org/zrythm/zrythm/-
Download: zrythm.org


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