v0.6.003 is out!

New features:
- Plugin latency compensation during playback
- Chords and automation are now inside regions (can be looped)
- New chord editor
- New automation editor
- Region split functionality (WIP)
- Quick quantize/full quantize functionality (regions only for now)
- Metronome
- Chinese, German, French, Japanese translations
- Many bugfixes

Binaries available at:


🎼 Release v0.5.074 🎼

Release Notes

- Add Chord and Scale objects in the arranger
- Add Chord and Scale selector popups
- Add highlighting in the Piano Roll based on current Chord/Scale
- Create flatpak (WIP)
- Fix minor Timeline bugs

Download (shipping soon):

I'm thinking of a license that only allows the program's output to be released under a license that allows modifying/recreating/re-distributing/distributing changes of the works of the author without consent, if the author decides to release such contents

this obviously clashes with freedom 0, but my aim is to protect artistic freedom, not just software freedom

any opinions?

🆕 release v0.4.151 🆕

- Fix FreeBSD build failures
- Fix crash on region duplication
- Fix duplicated MIDI notes not getting selected
- Fix piano roll not becoming active when clip editor is loaded
- Merge new libcyaml for bitfield support when saving projects
- Created expander box widget for use in the inspector/channel strip

Source: git.zrythm.org/zrythm/zrythm/-
Download: zrythm.org


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