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the 5th

D# again, this time the progression is in harmonic minor.

Tried out the FM synth Dexed. Drums as usual are made using Sitala.

I liked how my last beat sounded at 90bmp, this one sounds even.. trippier

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4th! The one where dynamics are introduced.

Mixed two melodies over a driving beat.

the third. Tried adding an overarching melody, didn't turn out 100%, but good enough is good enough.

Compared to the version I'm using for the Ludum Dare 49 Jam.

Same melody, changed up the lows to be a half tone vamp to really ramp up the unease factor

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Can't sleep. Nailed out my second loop instead. Giving me Links Awakening vibes

2 for 2!

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Lets see if I stick with longer than I did last year.

1 for 1

I call this little ditty Abusing Side Chain


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