Playing around with a microbrute with a simple drum track whipped up using koala.

The process:

I program in the drum track. I play the micro brute and my phone plays the drums live. Both signals are captured and trimmed using the bloatware voice recorder app on my phone.

The trimmed track was then compressed and filtered using koala. Completing the circle ;)

Looptober still has me in the beat making mindset.

Experimenting with non quantized beats.

I found the bass grating in the mix so i pulled it and played around with the compo a bit

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A cleaned up and mastered version. With the base separated dropped an octave and sidechained

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22: The live jam session

Playing around with the neat little TAL synth from Make Noise.

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linux game bug report copy pasta 

38% of my bug reports come from the Linux community
My game - ΔV: Rings of Saturn (shameless plug) - is out in Early Access for two years now, and as you can expect, there are bugs. But I did find that a disproportionally big amount of these bugs was reported by players using Linux to play. I started to investigate, and my findings did surprise me.

Let’s talk numbers.
Percentages are easy to talk about, but when I read just them, I always wonder - what is the sample size? Is it small enough for the percentage to be just noise? As of today, I sold a little over 12,000 units of ΔV in total. 700 of these units were bought by Linux players. That’s 5.8%. I got 1040 bug reports in total, out of which roughly 400 are made by Linux players. That’s one report per 11.5 users on average, and one report per 1.75 Linux players. That’s right, an average Linux player will get you 650% more bug reports.

A lot of extra work for just 5.8% of extra units, right?

Wrong. Bugs exist whenever you know about them, or not.
Do you know how many of these 400 bug reports were actually platform-specific? 3. Literally only 3 things were problems that came out just on Linux. The rest of them were affecting everyone - the thing is, the Linux community is exceptionally well trained in reporting bugs. That is just the open-source way. This 5.8% of players found 38% of all the bugs that affected everyone. Just like having your own 700-person strong QA team. That was not 38% extra work for me, that was just free QA!

But that’s not all. The report quality is stellar.
I mean we have all seen bug reports like: “it crashes for me after a few hours”. Do you know what a developer can do with such a report? Feel sorry at best. You can’t really fix any bug unless you can replicate it, see it with your own eyes, peek inside and finally see that it’s fixed.

And with bug reports from Linux players is just something else. You get all the software/os versions, all the logs, you get core dumps and you get replication steps. Sometimes I got with the player over discord and we quickly iterated a few versions with progressive fixes to isolate the problem. You just don’t get that kind of engagement from anyone else.

Worth it?
Oh, yes - at least for me. Not for the extra sales - although it’s nice. It’s worth it to get the massive feedback boost and free, hundred-people strong QA team on your side. An invaluable asset for an independent game studio.

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I had a great time working on the music and sound for @technomancy during the Autumn #lispgamejam 2021! The limitations of TIC-80, 4 channels of 8-bit style sound waves was a pleasant constraint. I feel quite pleased with the tunes and especially fond of the chain clearing sfx.

Also a shout out to technomancy for being an ally and creating some indigenous representation. It's nice to see myself in a game. 🎊✨💙

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#lispgamejam submission is done!

I decided to try and make a strategic card game this year. Thought it would make for a nice calm jam, oh boy was I wrong!

Might do a few bug fixes tomorrow.

17: Old spaceship takes flight

Narrowing in on the sounds I want to use.

16 : Base Arp and Howl

This one was a few days late. Hope to catch up this week!

15 : Side Space synth

It's the this week so I'm trying to make some nice space synth sounds for my submission.

@packbat thanks! I'm working with samples rather than synths this week.

The challenge is to take a 3s clip from a peice of classical music, cut it up, mess it up, and try make something interesting with it.

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