#looptober 3, on a *gear guy voice* Yamaha PortaSound PSS-130 that can only play two notes at once

#looptober 4, something quick on a VTech Zoo Jamz Xylophone™︎ [real]

#looptober 5, a bit louder, back to my old stomping grounds (FL Studio) 🍓 🧡

#looptober 6, attempted creepy banjo, this didn't really come together nicely but as you can hear a baby was waking up next to me 😬

#looptober 7, it's past midnight but this was super fun PICO-8 practice 😭

#pico8 #picotober #chiptune et al


@touk love how it just starts going full avant garde at 40s but, since you maintained the rhythm and progression you established using those first 40s, it still sounds perfectly coherent!

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