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#lispgamejam submission is done!

I decided to try and make a strategic card game this year. Thought it would make for a nice calm jam, oh boy was I wrong!

Might do a few bug fixes tomorrow.

17: Old spaceship takes flight

Narrowing in on the sounds I want to use.

16 : Base Arp and Howl

This one was a few days late. Hope to catch up this week!

15 : Side Space synth

It's the this week so I'm trying to make some nice space synth sounds for my submission.

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#looptober day 13

(ended up) thinking about: breathy altos, drones, bowed string physical models, ornamentation, the witcher.

#vocalsynthesis #voxtober

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lisp game jam starts in ~24 hours!

if you're planning on using #tic80 you might want to build from source since I just fixed a bug that prevented the eval command from working:

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H*@k, just heard bizarre love triangle on the radio 🤦

Was working on this too late at night and i guess my subconscious love for that song kicked in

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13 : Chop Dance Revolution

Going to be away from the computer tomorrow so here is a quick loop

the 8th: the drop that came early

Not going to be able to work on loops tomorrow, so here is tomorrows a day early.

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#looptober day 6

thinking about: 16th note shuffle, electro-swing, caravan palace. scat singing, glitch-hop, max martin.

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